Graham Kirkby is a man who resides in Holby. He is the father of staff nurse Marty Kirkby.


On 6 July 2019, Graham learned from staff nurse Jade Lovall that Marty had been awarded the Wyvern Nursing Bursary. He soon arrived at Holby City Hospital's emergency department and congratulated his son for his achievement. Uneasy about his presence, Marty assured him that he would not mind if he chose not to stay, but Graham claimed that he "wouldn't miss it". When Clinical nurse manager Charlie Fairhead presented the award to Marty and asserted that he was "an inspiration to [them] all", Graham asked nurse David Hide to elaborate, and he unintentionally brought up Marty's sexuality.

Later, outside the department, Graham offered to take Marty and Kian to a football match, but Marty asserted that he was too tired. Graham asked him to clarify David's remarks about his sexuality, but Jade interrupted and claimed that he was her boyfriend. Surprised, Graham began to laugh hysterically. (CAS: Episode 1134)

On 19 July, the day of his and Bibi's 30th wedding anniversary, Graham urged her to be proud of Marty's achievements and him finding a girlfriend in Jade, but she asserted that she was not right for him. When she collapsed as a result of "heart palpitations", he accompanied her to the ED. After she put on temporary cardiac pacing, despite her and Jade's warnings, Marty told Graham that he was gay. Outside, Marty insisted that their relationship did not have to change, but Graham told him that he was not "the son that [he] envisaged" and suggested that they did not speak to each other. Marty asked him if he would have preferred it if he continued to lie to him about his sexuality, but he returned inside to be with Bibi. (CAS: Episode 1137)

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