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"Grand Rational" is the 127th episode of Casualty and the 23rd episode of the 8th series.


Mary spends a shift with Eric and Chris in the ambulance, Eric having been cleared of the assault accusation. They pick up a woman injured in a football riot who tried to go to Queens, unaware of the closure; she dies en route, leaving Mary disillusioned. The riot spreads to the hospital and Mike is injured before Rachel restores order. Two teenage girls go skiing with one of the girls' mother. The other girl suffers a minor injury but is tired of her parents' overprotective attitude and decides to move in with her friend. A man unhappy about his wife working as a masseuse stages a siege at her place of work. Lucy is taken hostage when she and Josh are called to attend. The man and his wife try to flee the scene in a car but they crash and the woman is killed. Charlie is pleased when he is granted funding for two more nurses until Jane tells him the decision has been reversed. Frankie arranges a snail race to raise money but Charlie leaves the hospital before he can collect his winnings.

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