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Gurpreet "Guppy" Sandhu is a senior house officer who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 2004 to 2007.



On 15 September, Patricia Crampley approached Guppy about the death of her father Artur, but Guppy insisted that he was busy. Alice pulled him out of cubicles to inform him of Patricia's insistence of having a conversation, but Guppy asserted that he could not bring Artur back and instructed her to have Nathan talk to Patricia. In resus, as Guppy was retrieving a box of morphine ampoules, Alice suddenly appeared through a nearby door, causing Guppy to become startled and accidentally drop the ampoules on the floor. She tried to assure him that he fought hard to save Patricia's father, but Guppy was more concerned about the loss of the morphine.

In cubicles, Guppy agreed to assist F2s Ruth Winters and Toby De Silva with treating Peter Masteron, a young boy with a displaced distal tibia and intermittent circulation to his foot. Guppy decided that his issues were purely positional and elevated his foot, but Ruth argued that an intermittent pulse was indicative of vascular compromise and suggested manipulating the tibia under anaesthesia. Regardless, Guppy cited his experience with similar cases in the past and instructed Ruth to let the orthopods do the MUA in theatre. Later, Peter began shouting in agony, and consultant Adam Trueman could not detect a pedal pulse in his foot. After reviewing Peter's X-ray, Adam concurred with Ruth's suggested course of treatment and asked Guppy what happened.

Elsewhere, Abs tasked Guppy with watching psychotic patient Lauren Riggs as he consulted with the authorities, but Patricia asked him for a word. He took her aside and tried to explain that her father's death was an accident, but she praised his honesty and humility, and thanked him for taking care of Artur during his final moments. Abs returned to Lauren's cubicle and discovered that she had disappeared; he scolded Guppy for becoming distracted and asked him what his problem was. In resus, Adam left Guppy to resuscitate a woman named Maureen who had sustained a head injury from the bucket of an excavator, but Guppy lost his nerve when she went into asystole and left. By reception, as a grieving Nathan berated the department's staff for their failure to run the ED "smoothly", Guppy apologised for letting his colleagues down and handed in his pass, insisting that he was not a doctor. (CAS: "Meltdown")

Behind the scenes

Elyes Gabel portrayed Guppy on Casualty from 2004 until 2007.