Hannah Fleet (born 1968/1969)[1] is a former resident of Holby and the patient responsible for the murder of paramedic Polly Emmerson.

In March 2011, Hannah was on a bus journey when the bus driver had a seizure and bus crashed. Although everyone got out safely, Hannah went back inside to find a lost item but a car crashed into the side of the bus and she was impaled through the cheek with a metal rod. Dylan entered the bus to rescue her, moments before it exploded.

In the following weeks, Hannah looked upon Dylan as her saviour and developed an unhealthy obsession with him. He tried to distance himself from her and in doing so didn't realise her signs of PTSD.

Towards the end of April, she stabbed Polly Emmerson when she'd attempted to solve a rift between her and Dylan. She dragged Polly through the basement of the hospital and left her there. She was discovered by Jay Faldren and he went to get help from the staff. Dylan and Nick tried to save Polly, but they were unsuccessful and she later died. Hannah was apprehended with murder charges against her.

Behind the scenes

Beth Goddard portrayed Hannah Fleet for 5 episodes of Casualty in 2011.


  1. In "Only Human", the paramedics mention Hannah's age to be 42 when she's admitted, making her date of birth after this date in 1968 or before this date in 1969.
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