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"Heart Over Head" is the 953rd episode of Casualty and the 38th episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "A Moment of Clarity" and followed by "Holby Sin City". The episode was directed by Claire Winyard and written by Mark Catley and Amber Trentham.


Lily seems to be searching for her mister right and after she ticks off Cal and Dylan she turns to Ethan. Whilst Robyn and Zach's relationship breaks down.

An Elderly man named Morris is admitted with serve abdominal pains. However when his holistic therapist comes in he clashes with Dylan. When they find high levels of unexplained aspirin in his blood levels Dylan and Lofty are determined to get to the bottom of it. The find out that his 'all natural medications' are high in aspirin and have made Morris ill.

After Layla breaks up with her boyfriend Leon He punches a glass door and she coincidentally falls down the stairs on her way out. They are both taken to the ED and Robyn and Lily remove the glass from Leon's hand and dress the wound. But after Layla tells the doctors she not sure if she could be pregnant they run the test and it comes back positive. Leon wants to make things right with Layla but after Charlie tells her that her mother is on her way in she announce that there moving away but she can't tell anyone where to as they will find her. Layla has a fractured arm and after she has abdominal pain they realise she has ruptured spleen, The surgeons decide that it should fix itself and she just needs to be monitored now.

After Louis went Missing last week Charlie just wants to make sure he is ok. After Charlie talks to Leon he notices the missing posters of Louis in his hands. When Charlie turns up at Leon's block of flats it seems as though Leon remembers seeing him earlier that day and tells Charlie where he is. After Charlie finds Louis about to inject himself again but after he asks him not to Louis carries on so Charlie goes with the “if you can't beat them join the option” but he doesn’t have to because Louis soon realises he’s serious and stops.

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