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"Heartbreak Hotel" is the 145th episode of Casualty and the 17th episode of the 9th series.


Mike and Rachel have resumed their relationship. Matt tries to break up a dispute between his parents, Brian and Joan, but Joan ends up throwing boiling milk over Brian. Matt convinces her to get help from Social Services. He then has to explain to Ash why he can't give evidence. During a prison riot, a prisoner whose wife has just told him she is leaving him deliberately injures himself so he can go to hospital. A guard who is about to retire lets him slip away after he promises to come back; he finds his wife has a new boyfriend and is stabbed by him during a fight. His wife decides to stay with him. The guard has been having an affair with the governor's secretary and plans to leave his wife; when his wife finds out, she accepts the separation without putting up a fight.

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