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Helen Chatsworth is a Project 2000 student nurse who was on placement in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from September to November 1993. Helen had studied for eighteen months on the Project 2000 nurse training scheme before she arrived at Holby.

Time in the emergency department (1993)

When she arrived at the Emergency department in September, she was cheerful, optimistic and enthusiastic about her work. Helen was good at quoting from the textbooks and wanted to analyse the patients, but proved quite hopeless when faced with real emergencies.

After a young girl is brought in with a serious leg injury; Helen panicked and froze and had to be led away. In November, Helen is upset when a patient she is helping treat is diagnosed with a serious condition. She cries and Adele talks to her, asking if she isn’t coping. Helen says that she can cope and she doesn’t need sympathy.

By the end of her time at Holby, Helen had learnt a great deal. On the last day of her placement in November, she brought a camera for a group picture but only manages to catch Charlie and Adele to have their photo taken with her. Adele says a last goodbye to Helen and tells her she’s done really well.

Behind the Scenes

Samantha Edmonds portrayed Helen Chatsworth in Casualty from September to November 1993.