"Hidden Agendas" is the 128th episode of Casualty and the 24th episode of the 8th series.


A blind couple are about to get married but the woman, who has suffered from hysterical pregnancy since the age of six, falls down some stairs in shock after abruptly regaining her sight. Her fiancé is initially jealous until Ash talks him into speaking to her. An increased disillusioned Charlie turns up for work out of uniform on his 40th birthday, threatening to resign, and is further enraged to find a man with meningitis has been left in reception undiagnosed for hours. He tells Jane likes her and she propositions him for after the shift. A suicidal man is distracted from shooting himself when his neighbour is attacked by drug dealers she owes money to and he is injured helping her. At the hospital, he gives her the money to clear her debt, then places a gun to his head in cubicles. Mary sees him and gets the department evacuated while Charlie goes in to talk to him and convinces him to hand over the gun.

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