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"High Noon" is the 6th episode of the 1st series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Blood Brothers" and followed by "Professionals". The episode was directed by Frank Smith and written by Ray Brennan.


During a lively meeting with staff – chaired by Union Rep Charlie and Andrew Ponting, Duffy calls for a demonstration outside a cinema, which is showing ‘naughty nurse’ films.

A law student, Mark Richards, is brought in after convulsing in a library. Baz tells him he has epilepsy, but he denies it and discharges himself. Charlie, sees him outside and gives him a lift, he takes him to breakfast. He advises Mark, who is afraid of fitting in a lawyer’s court.

A pregnant 15 year old, Nuala, is brought in after being knocked down with her bike, by a lorry. She has head injuries and a fractured arm. But the team are more worried by the fact she is a runaway, and where she will go after the hospital discharges her.

The team have a subbeteo contest in the staff room. In the final, Ewart plays an inexperienced Susie – she wins (with a little cheating). Baz sleeps with a Locum Consultant, Ricky Carson, an old friend of hers. In the morning she asks him to leave, and they argue when she says it was a one-off, he feels used. Megan has been to the doctors, she tells her husband Ted, that he said she was run down and gave her tablets. But she seems to be hiding extra fears.

At the demonstration, which Duffy, Susie, Megan and Kuba are at, Clive passes by with his sons to wish them luck. Duffy punches one of the owners; they are late for work, as they’ve been at the police station.

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