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"Hit and Run" is the 161st episode of Casualty and the 9th episode of the 10th series.


A man dies in Baz's care after being misdiagnosed by his GP and travelling 50 miles to the hospital because of new policies; his wife threatens to sue. Barmaid Hannah (Letitia Dean) heads off to work, leaving her son Stephen with his stepfather Tony. A man in the bar, Phil, sees his sister-in-law Angie buying drugs and forcibly drives her to hospital. Stephen is hit by a car after running out into the road; it turns out Tony beat him for wetting the bed and Hannah throws Tony out. Phil is suspected of the hit and run but the culprit is a senior surgeon who was driving despite having a brain tumour. Phil and Angie are arrested anyway when it is found he was drink driving. An elderly woman (Liz Smith) comes in confused and speaks of having to see the Queen; after Daniel discharges her, it is discovered she sang at the Queen's birthday in 1959. Josh and Liz make their peace. Matt's father Brian visits him and Matt lends him some money.

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