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This article is about the fictional city. For the television show, see Holby City.

Holby is a city in the county of Wyvern in England. Holby is known to be home to Holby City Hospital. Holby also has an airport called Holby International. Additionally, the main police station in Holby is Holby South Police Station. Holby also has multiple schools, such as Holby Grammar School and Holby Academy.

As well as Holby General, Holby is also home to St. James Hospital which is located on the other side of the city. Other hospitals nearby include Queen's and St Thomas' Hospitals. In July 2012, Holby suffered severe damage after riots broke out.

Holby also has a ravine with is surrounded by cliffs, that is where Connie and Grace Beauchamp had the car accident and plummeted into the ravine.


Behind the scenes

Holby is the main setting of Casualty and Holby City. It it located in the fictional county of Wyvern in South West England near the border with Wales. It's based on the city of Bristol where Casualty was formerly filmed.