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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"#HolbyRiot - Part One" is the 41st episode of the 26th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Do the Right Thing" and followed by "#HolbyRiot - Part Two". This episode marks the beginning of the Holby riots.


There are riots on the streets of Holby as the community unleashes its anger about the death of a man under police custody. In the first of this week’s double-bill series finale, showing on Saturday and concluding Sunday, Scarlett gets caught up in the looting and violence – and does something she’ll live to regret…

Last week, young father Wesley Royce died at Holby ED hours after he was zapped by a police Taser during a domestic incident at his home. Now the atmosphere in the city is tense as many locals blame police brutality, unaware that Wesley was also bashed over the head by his fiancee!

Casualty nurses Scarlett and Lloyd decide to pay their respects to Wesley at a peaceful tribute outside his home on the Somerdale Estate. But with emotions at fever pitch and a heavy-handed police presence, the vigil turns ugly. In the confusion, Scarlett is separated from boyfriend Lloyd and finds herself swept along by events…

After bagging herself a new pair of trainers, the normally mild-mannered nurse is sucked even further into the thrill and danger, and joins the crowd as they descend on the police station looking for justice.

There, Scarlett perceives a comment from a police officer to be racist and the incensed nurse throws a brick, which knocks a young female PC to the ground. Another rioter then throws a petrol bomb at the injured police officer and she’s set on fire. The crowd roar their approval but Scarlett finally realises things have gone horribly wrong and runs off in horror at what she’s done…

Scarlett’s not the only one breaking the rules! Superintendent Yvonne Rippon is dismayed when she’s called off the riot case while Wesley’s death is under investigation. As the violence worsens she takes the law into her own hands and secretly arranges to meet Wesley’s fiancee at the Somerdale Estate. However, when a local shopkeeper mistakes her for a rioter, he stabs her in the upper chest, and she falls down the stairs.