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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"#HolbyRiot - Part Two" is the 42nd episode of the 26th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "#HolbyRiot - Part One" and followed by "Kansas". During this episode, the Holby riots begin to develop, with wider scale looting and chaos spreading over Holby.


Superintendent Yvonne Rippon is seriously injured and fighting for her life, after being stabbed by panicked shopkeeper Mehmet, who mistook her for a rioter.

As the violence and looting continues, Holby’s ambulance crews are struggling to reach those injured. Back at the ED, Nick Jordan hears that Yvonne has been stabbed, so he climbs on the back of a paramedic’s motorbike and races to the scene.

When he finds Yvonne, she’s still conscious but can’t feel her legs. Apologising for their earlier row, Nick assures Yvonne that he’ll get her to the ED safely.

However, as the ambulance tries to pass through the angry mob, Yvonne stops breathing and Nick is forced to perform a life-saving operation.

When the crew finally gets Yvonne to the ED, Zoe takes charge of her care as Nick is too personally involved. Meanwhile, Lloyd is shocked to discover that it was Scarlett who threw the brick that hit PC Scriven.

As Yvonne’s life hangs in the balance, she needs to be transferred to a spinal unit. Nick decides to go with her, knowing it may be some time before he can return to Holby.

Meanwhile, Scarlet faces up to her responsibilities and hands herself into the police, knowing it’s the end of her relationship and possibly her career.

Elsewhere, the results of Wesley’s post-mortem are in and the police arrest his fiancee.