Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City

Holby International Airport is the main airport in Holby.

Horror struck in February 1992 when a plane full of holidaymakers returning from Greece crashed into an embankment. The team was off duty enjoying Beth's leaving party but were soon on red alert to help the victims. Julian and Ash assisted at the scene with cases including a man and a 7 year old girl who was trapped in the cabin. Back at Holby, Beth, Charlie and Duffy dealt with the intake of casualties through the night, one of which was the pilot who was crushed by the controls.

In 2011, an explosion occurred which sent a large number of casualties to the ED. Dylan Keogh and Madiha Durrani were among the many medics who attended the scene.

In May 2016, Max went to the airport to try to convince Zoe to let him go with her, but she left without him as she didn't want to break his heart again.

In August 2017, Jez and Iain went to the airport so Jez could travel to south-east Asia with Mickey Ellisson. Although they missed their first flight, they eventually left Holby.