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Series 36: "Broken"

When Tina returns to the ED, Jacob is forced to confront the reality of their relationship. Teddy attempts to welcome a new face into the paramedic family.

9 October 2021



Series 36: "Two Tribes"

Rash becomes further embroiled in the gang after Hafsa brings him a troubled youth who needs a place to stay - only for the youngster to end up being stabbed in a confrontation. It is Dylan's last day as clinical lead, and his hopes of an easy ride are short-lived when he notices Stevie trying to catch Ethan out during a debrief.

16 October 2021

• 2 days until broadcast

Holby City

Series 23: Episode 28

Lucky awakes from surgery to receive life-changing news from Max, while tempers flare on Darwin when Josh struggles to balance work and fatherhood - leaving Jac unimpressed and Eli concerned. Hanssen is thrown by the arrival of his old friend Russ, who dupes him into mentoring a ghost from the past.

12 October 2021


Holby City

Series 23: Episode 29

Hanssen reluctantly agrees to take on a new protege, despite their shared and painful history. All is well until a run-in with a vandal on AAU proves that the scars of the past have not healed. Lucky asks Max for an impossible favour, while Josh is feeling the pressure - will Ange notice he is not coping before it is too late?

19 October 2021

• 5 days until broadcast

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  • 1988: "A Quiet Night", the 36th episode of Casualty, aired.
  • 1995: "Halfway House", the 157th episode of Casualty, aired.
  • 2000: "Choked - Part 1", the 289th episode of Casualty, aired.
  • 2006: "Sons and Lovers", the 543rd episode of Casualty, aired.
  • 2017: Episode 8, the 1056th episode of Casualty, aired.