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Storm Damage: "After the Flood"

Cam is haunted by his past in the storm's aftermath, and has no choice but to go against Siobhan's instructions to take things easy when treating a violent heroin addict. Jacob has fresh concerns about his son after a robbery, and Nicole is faced with an unimaginable dilemma when offered the opportunity to go on a major trauma course.

13 July 2024

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Storm Damage: "Ghosts"

Jacob is determined to find Blake, but ends up trapped in a house with a woman who displays signs of unstable behaviour and whose daughter is seriously injured. Cam fears that Bobby will come looking for him at the hospital, and helps a HIV positive patient to track down her ex, whom she fears may have contracted the condition from her. Dylan fights to prove his capability as a doctor.

20 July 2024

• 2 days until broadcast

Holby City

Series 1: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?"

Surgeons Meyer and Jordan race against time to carry out a transplant operation, while the careers of two nurses hang in the balance.

12 January 1999


Holby City

Series 23: Episode 50

Reverberations of Jac's surgery are felt around Darwin and beyond. Will life on Wyvern Wing ever be the same again? A wounded Dom feels more left out than ever after learning Josh and Ange have closed him out of their family crises, while Donna and Hanssen rally around Lexy after bad news, but she is determined to seize the day.

29 March 2022

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