Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City

Administrators can prevent a user from editing Holby Wiki by blocking them. This is not a punitive measure; it is merely a means to prevent further damage and enforce local policies. The duration of a block depends on the severity of the act, but they are typically lifted when the user agrees not to continue with their disruptive behaviour.

Grounds for blocking

  • Edits which are evidently made in bad faith — these include acts of vandalism, edits containing personal attacks or libel, and spam edits. In case where the intent is not obvious (e.g. a user could have blanked an edit to remove inaccurate information), the admin may warn the user instead, but it is ultimately up to the admin to come to a reasonable decision based on the circumstances; permanent blocks will be generally only be issued for the infringements listed below.
  • Inappropriate account names — these include names containing profanity or personal attacks, and attempts at impersonation. These are grounds for an immediate and permanent block.
  • Plagiarism — users will be initially warned and then blocked permanently if they continue.
  • Posting fan-fiction — if you want to publish fan-fiction, use FanFiction.net or Archive of Our Own.
  • Personal attacks - see our general conduct policy for more information.
  • Edit wars — this is where two or more users disagree over the contents of an article and repeatedly override each other's edits. Blocks for engaging in edit wars are typically very short and meant to defuse the situation.
  • Sockpuppetry — creating a new account to evade a block is grounds for an immediate and permanent block.
  • Repeatedly ignoring warnings - this will typically be seen as acting in bad faith and will be responded to accordingly.

Appealing a block

If you believe that an admin has wrongly blocked you from editing the wiki, you can usually appeal your block on your own talk page. In the extremely rare event that the blocking admin (or FANDOM staff member) has prevented you from editing your own talk page (this restriction is only used in fringe cases), you can contact the admin on their Community Central message wall.