As there is often limited information available for some articles on the wiki, a guide has been created to help you structure a character article irrespective of its size.

What is absolutely needed?

An article, at the very least, requires a profile of the character. It often should have an infobox containing as much information as possible, but it should not be used if there is not enough information available to justify its use.

Types of articles

Short articles

Short articles generally consist of an infobox and a few lines of text. Lev Malinovsky's brother is an example of a short article. They can contain just one sentence, and they can contain all of their information within the body of the article, making an infobox unnecessary. Sanosi Jemal's father is an example of an article which consists of only one sentence and no infobox.

Medium articles

Medium articles consist of an infobox and more than one paragraph of information. This information may then be included underneath a Biography sub-heading; it can even be divided into smaller sub-headings marking significant moments of the subject's history. Toby Williams, Denny Davidson and Ciaran Coulson are examples of medium articles.

Long articles

Long articles consist of an infobox and multiple paragraphs of information that is divided into sub-sections. Articles about main characters typically fall under this definition, such as Charlie Fairhead, Connie Beauchamp and Jac Naylor.

Additional sub-headings


Information contained here pertains to the subject's personality, their general demeanour and how they react to other characters and situations. Many characters in Casualty and Holby City tend to undergo different degrees of emotional development, and the content in this section should reflect that.


Use this sub-heading to explore a character's relationships with other specific characters. This should be divided into smaller sub-headings for:

  • Familial relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Friendships
  • Professional relationships

For characters that have appeared in hundreds of episodes and have come into contact with just as many other characters, their most significant relationships should be included. What qualifies as a significant relationship can be ascertained through community discussion.

Other information

This sub-heading is for information regarding the subject that is not based in the Holby universe. Currently, it is specifically for information from the Casualty episodes "Deadfall", "The Road Not Taken" and "Holby Sin City". As the articles for the characters that have exclusively appeared in these episodes are generally short or medium articles, this sub-heading is mostly reserved for characters such as Zoe Hanna and Maggie Coldwell. The text in this section should not refer to dates as the events of these episodes occurred outside of the main Holby timeline.


  • Use this sub-heading for short, trivial facts about the subject presented in the form of bullet points.

Behind the scenes

This section should include information about the character that is related to the real world, such as the actor who portrays them and their tenure(s). It can also contain information about how the character has been received by critics and the general public. Generally, this information should be supported by references — <ref></ref> tags must be used.

External links

  • Links to external websites should be presented using bullet points.
  • Any link used on the page should be frequently checked to see if it is still accessible.


If you have referenced any material in the behind the scenes section, this sub-heading is required, and it should contain {{reflist}}.

Categories and sorting

All articles should have all the relevant categories and {{NameSort}}.

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