Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City

Holby Wiki's naming policy offers guidance on how to title articles in a way that helps maintain consistency across the wiki. As many complex templates on the wiki rely on certain types of articles being named in a specific way, these guidelines must be adhered to.

General rules

  • All titles must start with a capital letters.
  • All titles, except for those of episode articles, must be written in sentence case.
  • They should not contain definite ("the") or indefinite ("a", "an") articles unless they are part of the subject's official title.
  • They should remain in singular form (e.g. Pneumothorax, not Pneumothoraces) unless the subject of the article is intrinsically a grouped item (e.g. List of riots).

Character articles

  • Under most circumstances, the title used for a character article should be the subject's name as it is presented in an episode's credits.
  • If a character's most commonly used name is a nickname that is not based on their last name, their nickname should be used instead of their first name. If the character's birth name is used in credits without the nickname, use their proper name.
  • If a character's name has changed throughout their tenure, you should choose their most recognisable name. For present characters, this is their current name; for past characters, their longest-lasting name should be chosen.
    • This rule does not apply if the character in question is, for example, transgender and has changed their name to reflect their gender identity; their new name will always take precedence.
  • Characters whose credit name includes their rank or title (e.g. DI, PC, Mr) and has an unknown first name should be referred to by their last name only. You should then disambiguate if necessary.


Episode articles

  • Episode titles should be punctuated the way they are in their respective episodes. There are exceptions; the two #HolbyRiot episodes cannot use the hash (#) symbol as the symbol has a specific function within the MediaWiki software, and you should ignore the single quotation marks that surround the titles of certain Holby City episodes.
  • Most words in the title of a named episode should be capitalised. However, there are exceptions to this rule:
    • Articles ("a", "an", "the") do not require a capital letter.
    • Prepositions with four letters or fewer, such as "to", "on", "up" and "from", do not require a capital letter unless they are the start and/or end of the title.
    • Coordinating conjunctions, such as "and", "but", "or", "nor", "for, "so", and "yet", must not be capitalised.
    • The infinitive marker "to" must not be capitalised.
  • Articles for unnamed episodes should use the episode's overall number and must contain the name of its show in parentheses.