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The following encompasses Holby Wiki's user conduct policies and editing guidelines. In the absence of a large community on the wiki, these policies have been created by Lythronax — Holby Wiki's sole administrator as of July 2021 — to keep the site running smoothly. These policies are open for discussion and possible amendments; users may voice any issues they have with any current local policy on the Discussions board or to an active administrator. However, you must adhere to current policy until it is changed.

As this policy is constructed, sections about certain topics may be empty. In the meantime, you can contact Lythronax for assistance. These conversations may be used as a basis for future policy and guidelines.


General conduct


All users must follow the user conduct policies laid out in the "User Conduct" section of FANDOM's Terms of Use. The following is a summarisation of the wiki's view on acceptable user conduct.

  • Be civil. Personal attacks are totally unacceptable and will be met with a block.
    • As an extension, deliberately misgendering users and dismissing their expressed preferences regarding their identity will be met with an automatic block. Your personal convictions are not an excuse.
  • Treat others with respect. You are not above any of your fellow editors, so don't belittle them when they bring something to the table that you disagree with. Afterall, a fundamental part of building a successful wiki is cooperation.
  • Make constructive edits. It is obvious when you're just trying to jump up the leaderboard. Vandalism, persistent page blanking[1], plagiarism[2] and other bad-faith edits will be met with a block.
  • Please stick to one account. Unless you are operating an administration-sanctioned bot, there is absolutely no reason for you to edit the wiki with more than one account. Not only do they clog up the leaderboard, they also have the potential to be used to evade blocks.




Spoilers refer to details from episodes that have not been broadcast yet. Spoilers can be included in out-of-universe articles and sections, but they must be accompanied by a {{spoiler}} transclusion at the top of the article. They should not be included in in-universe articles or sections (e.g. character articles).

Editing guidelines

General points


  • All content must be written from a neutral point of view.
  • Characters should generally be referred to by their first name or nickname. If a character is generally referred to by their surname (e.g. Henrik Hanssen), you should stick to one style of address per article.



  • Episode citations should be formatted like so:
([[Casualty|CAS]]: "[[Charlie's Anniversary]]") → (CAS: "Charlie's Anniversary")
([[Casualty|CAS]]: [[Episode 1200 (Casualty)|]]) → (CAS: Episode 1200)
([[Holby City|HC]]: "[[Elliot's Wonderful Life]]") → (HC: "Elliot's Wonderful Life")
([[HolbyBlue|BLUE]]: [[Episode 6 (HolbyBlue)|]]) → (BLUE: Episode 6)
    • Multiple episodes from the same show should be separated by commas; different shows should be separated by semi-colons.
  • Templates exist for citing websites and other media:


In-universe articles

Articles about aspects of the Holby universe (e.g. people, places, events, medical procedures, objects, etc.) must be written from an in-universe perspective. What this basically means that if you are adding new content to Dylan Keogh's article, for example, you have to write as if he is a real person.

  • In situations where you would usually reference episode numbers or titles, in-universe dates or adverbial phrases of time are preferred.
  • If you come across two pieces of conflicting information, please refer to our Dealing with retcons page.


Articles about aspects of the production of Casualty, Holby City, etc. must be written from an out-of-universe perspective.

Article layouts

Character articles


  • With respect to the titling of character articles:
    • Articles about characters currently appearing in Casualty or Holby City must use the character's current name as it is formatted in the credits.
    • Articles about past characters should use their most frequently used name, unless that name is a deadname.
    • For characters with nicknames, double quotation marks (") should be used.
  • An infobox (see Template:Character Infobox for documentation) should be included with all of the necessary fields filled.
    • With the infobox image, promotional images take priority.
    • For current characters, the image used should be as recent as possible. However, if a promotional image exists, that should still take priority.
    • For past characters (including the final line-up of Holby City characters), a greater emphasis should be placed on choosing an image that both looks good and best reflects the character.
  • An introduction stating the character's dates of birth and date (if known), occupation (if known) and relation to Holby City Hospital (if known) should be written. Generally, a brief overview of the character's history (see Alicia Munroe) would be a worthwhile inclusion, but it is not required, especially if the article is incomplete.
  • A section called Biography should be included which details the character's known history. This section should contain multiple sub-sections for each significant point in that character's life.
  • A Personality section can be included which describes their personality and their development as a character. The latter is incredibly important; everything should be chronicled, and nothing should be overwritten. Its content should be supported with citations.
  • A Trivia section can be included with bullet-pointed tidbits about a character that are interesting but not significant enough for a mention in their biography.
  • The Behind the scenes section should include information about the character's conception, casting and their appearances.
  • The article's categorisation formatting should be adjusted if necessary. This can be done via {{DEFAULTSORT: ... }} or the {{NameSort}} template.
  • A character article must contain the relevant navboxes and categories at the bottom.

As many characters have appeared in so many episodes that their articles would be cumbersomely large, sections such as Relationships, Quotes and Appearances must be given their own subpages.

  • The Relationships page should detail every significant relationship the article's subject has been involved in. This includes friendships, romantic relationships, familial relationships and working relationships.
  • The Appearances page lists all of the subject's appearances in episodes, books, etc.

Location articles

Location articles are about places that exist within the Holby universe and therefore should be written from an in-universe perspective. Most locations featured in Casualty, Holby City and HolbyBlue often only appear once and will not contain much content. With articles about more prevalent locations, such as Holby City Hospital, Emergency department, and Holby and all of its constituent areas, these can be written in far greater detail and cover its history, features, residents, etc. Large location articles will often be accompanied by its own respective navbox (see {{Farmead}}).

Event articles

Event articles are about significant events (e.g. disasters, attacks, festivals, etc.) that have occurred in the Holby universe and should be written from an in-universe perspective. These should be detailed and include everything about the event (background, timeline (if possible), aftermath, etc.).

Time articles

to be added

Show articles

to be added

Series articles

to be added

Episode articles

  • Episode articles should be written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • There are discerpancies with the titling of certain Casualty episodes between the episodes themselves and the official website. For example, episode 618 of Casualty is titled "Thicker than Water" on-screen, whereas it is listed as "To Serve and Protect" on the website. In such cases, the on-screen title takes priority.
  • Every word in the title, barring articles and prepositions (this does not include prepositions used within verbal phrases), should be written in upper case.
  • There are times where episode articles require disambiguation:
    • If there is one episode of Casualty titled "X", and one episode of Holby City titled "X", their articles should be titled "X (Casualty)" and "X (Holby City)" respectively.
    • If there are two episodes of Casualty titled "X" in series 22 and 33 respectively, and one episode of Holby City titled "X", these articles should be titled "X (series 22)", "X (series 33)" and "X (Holby City)" respectively.
    • If there are multiple episodes of Casualty titled "X", and multiple episodes of Holby City titled "X", each article should be disambiguated by series. In the event of a clash (namely, there are two episodes in series 4 of Holby City titled "Ghosts"), you should disambiguate by writer.
  • An infobox (see Template:Casualty Episode Infobox, Template:Holby City Episode Infobox, Template:Casualty@Holby City Episode Infobox and Template:HolbyBlue Episode Infobox for documentation) should be included with all of the necessary fields filled.
  • An introduction detailing the episode's overall and series numbers, writer(s) and director(s) should be included. If any other significant information exists, it should be included as a short summary.
  • An episode article should contain either a Synopsis or Plot section. A synopsis is an abridged description of the episode's plot that does not necessarily need to be written in chronological order; a plot is a detailed description of the episode's events in chronological order.
  • A Cast section should list all of the cast members of the episode. If the episode has not aired yet, and its complete cast list is unknown, the section should be titled Confirmed cast. Uncredited cast should be listed under an Uncredited subsection.
  • A Production section should detail aspects of the episode's production.
  • If required, a References section should be included.
  • An External links section should include all pertinent links (e.g. a link to the episode's page on the show's official website).
  • The navbox for the series the episode belongs to should be included at the bottom of the article.


  1. Blanking a page is an easy mistake to make, so a one-off case may be met with a revert and a brief reminder from a moderator.
  2. Copying content from resources such as holby.tv and Wikipedia is forbidden and will be met with an immediate ban. Using synopses from the BBC is permissible.