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"Honey Bunny" is the 229th episode of Casualty and the 3rd episode of the 13th series.


A man is brought in after falling off a ladder trying to break into his own flat. He needs a splenectomy but when his wife comes in she announces they are Jehovah's Witnesses. Max decides to do the operation without a transfusion. George speaks to his wife and learns that they aren't Jehovah's Witnesses but he has tried to commit suicide three times before. The operation goes ahead with the transfusion and it turns out his fall was an accident. A couple try to rob a shop dressed as a cat and rabbit but the shopkeeper attacks them with a baseball bat. They run over a man who was in the shop earlier and crash before fleeing. The man is taken to the Holby where he meets a young woman he had been writing to. He served in the Falklands with her brother and ran off leaving him to die, then lied and was given a medal. The woman leaves, disgusted. Amy sees a young pickpocket in reception and calls the police. She is arrested after tripping over a dog, but not before biting policeman Pat Garrett, who Chloe flirts with. The female robber takes her boyfriend, who has a head injury, to hospital but ends up hiding in the toilet from the police. Sunny finds them and she takes him hostage but when Max and Tina block their way Sunny manages to overpower her. She is arrested and her boyfriend is treated. Tina and Chloe arrange to get a flat together. Eve tells Charlie they are short-staffed with Mark out of action so he decides to call Duffy. George visits Mark who regains consciousness while she is there.

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