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"Hope Is a Powerful Drug" is the 997th episode of Holby City and the 42nd episode of the 21st series. It was preceded by "This Be the Verse" and followed by "Promise". The episode was directed by Griff Rowland and written by Simon Norman.

This episode marks the first appearance of Jo Martin as consultant neurosurgeon Max McGerry, as well as the return of Catherine Russell as medical director Serena Campbell.

Synopsis Edit

Frankie returns to Holby and is keen to take baby Isla back. A worried Essie doesn't believe Frankie is truly ready to be a mother - how does Essie convince Frankie that Isla is better off with her before it's too late?

Serena returns to AAU and clashes with top neurosurgeon Max McGerry, who has a radical idea to treat Ric's condition. Ric is forced to think about his options and makes his decision. Jac returns from holiday and asserts her authority over an overworked and stressed out Kian.

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