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Howard Munroe (born 24 February 1958) is the father of Alicia Munroe. He was with Jackie Munroe from around 1984 until 2017.


In September 2016 he visited the ED with his wife Jackie who was suffering from stomach pains. Alicia was shocked to see them there, and explained to Ethan that they'd had marriage troubles and had only recently got back together. It transpired that Jackie had gonorrhoea and Alicia was still under the impression that it was her who had an affair. However, Howard later admitted to Alicia that he was the one who cheated and that he would leave now as it was only fair on Jackie. When Alicia later asked Jackie why she covered for him, she said that she didn't want Alicia to lose respect for her father. (CAS: "Fall on Me")

In February 2017, Howard and Jackie decided to make another go of it. However, at their anniversary party Howard's secret romance Martin turned up. He told him to leave but in the rush he ended up driving his car into Howard, crushing him between the car and a skip. At the hospital, their relationship transpired and Alicia was shocked. He later suffered a small heart attack, and his pelvis injury worsened. Cal was forced to perform an operation on him, which was successful. Although Jackie was going to take him back, she later told him that their relationship was over. (CAS: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love")

Behind the scenes

James Gaddas portrayed Howard Munroe for one episode in 2016 at the beginning of the 31st series. He reprised his role in 2017 for another episode.