Hugo Bonning (born 2004/2005) is a friend of Grace Beauchamp. He was admitted to the ED in November 2016 after falling off the back of a lorry.

In November 2016 whilst trying to get a ride, Hugo clung onto the underneath of a lorry. However, he soon lost his grip and was brought into the ED by Iain and Jez who were luckily driving behind the lorry when Hugo let go. Hugo's injuries later proved to be worse than expected, but just as they found out Hugo caught sight of Grace coming out of the hospital lift in a wheelchair. Angry that Connie had told him that Grace was okay, he ran off and got on a bus. Connie pursued the bus on her motorbike, eventually forcing it to stop and getting Hugo to safety. (CAS: "About My Mother")

In April 2017, Hugo fell onto a sharp farmyard tool whilst running away from Keira, his dad's partner. When they got back to the ED, it soon transpired that Keira was experiencing depression and tried to have an abortion, and she feared that Hugo would tell his father. Whilst recovering, Hugo asked Connie if he could move in with her for a while for help with a science project. Connie agreed, as a result of her own struggles to reconnect with Grace. (CAS: "Child of Mine")

In May, Hugo was still living with Connie, they were one happy family. When Connie was at work Jim (Hugo's father) visited Connie at work asking for Hugo back and that they are moving to Scotland. In sadness Connie told Hugo by herself instead of his father which led Hugo running away, getting a lift from a lorry driver while Connie was looking for him. Hugo's dad contacted the police, then eventually when the police found Hugo he collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest which led Connie and Hugo to save his life. In last scene, Hugo is sad that he has to leave to go to Scotland, leaving Connie distraught.

Connie treated Hugo like he's her very own and Hugo calls Connie "mum". And Hugo wished that they could be a family.

Behind the scenes

Billy Angel initially portrayed Hugo for one episode of Casualty in 2016, but reprised his role for further episodes in 2017.


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