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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"If You Could Bottle It" is the 955th episode of Casualty and the 40th episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "Holby Sin City" and was followed by "The Next Step". It marked the first appearance and arrival of staff nurse Jacob Masters portrayed by Charles Venn, although he didn't start working in the ED until the next episode.


A boy named Ross is brought into the ED complaining of headaches and leg pains and seems to be drunk. A women named Karen is brought in after she falls though the roof of her friend Jacobs roof and is unconscious. After Jacob barges into resus like he owns the place he clashes with Rita, Tess, Cal and Charlie. However Jacob does solve the mystery of why both patients seem to have been drinking but don't smell of alcohol but chemicals. They have both been given dodge alcohol that has given them methanol poisoning.

Jacob goes down to a warehouse that he knows is selling the dodgy Alcohol but after a man throw his cigarette on a bag it sets a light. Iain and another paramedic are soon there after Jacob wants Iain's help so says there is a casualty inside. Just as they turn up the whole place explodes. Iain brings in a man who was on fire and has extensive burns and Jacob. Whilst treating the burns patient Dylan seems preoccupied with the fact that he is in bed number 4 which is the only thing in common with his last 3 patients that have died. He gets the bronze good luck medal and completes the treatment

A man named Simon comes in after he cuts his finger off on a guillotine but doesn’t call an ambulance as he says he didn't think it was worth it. When his Boss comes in to see him all Simon seems concerned about is the insurance for the business. He tells his boss that the insurance company could get £40,000 out of him and that he can pay him £3,000 and it will all go away. Rita knows that something is wrong and after she tells Dylan he admits that he wanted the money to go and see his girlfriend. He cut of toes to go and see another girlfriend Sonia but when she got a restraining order he fell in love with Kelsey and amputated his finger to get the money to propose to her.

After Max tells Zoe his mum is coming to stay, Zoe doesn’t seem best impressed telling Max that his mother won't like her. Connie wants to employ Jacob but he has to go through Rita and she doesn't seem as keen on him after his big entrance. However after they chat Rita decides that he can unofficially have the job.