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"In at the Deep End" is the 194th episode of Holby City and the 35th episode of series 6. The episode was directed by James Strong and written by Andrew Holden.

This episode marks the introduction of Amanda Mealing as cardiothoracic consultant Connie Beauchamp.


Cardiothoracic surgeon Connie Beauchamp makes an explosive entrance on AAU when she rushes onto the ward with a patient from the emergency department named Gemma presenting with a pericardial effusion from a road accident.

On Darwin, Connie treats a woman with end-stage congestive heart failure named Pat who is desperate for a life extension so she can care for her rebellious daughter Kerri. With Pat's condition worsening, Will believes that their only avenue of treatment is continued palliative care, but Connie proposes performing a Batista — a high-risk procedure rarely offered by UK surgeons. However, when it transpires that Kerri has not spoken to the social worker, Connie is forced to intervene herself and manages to convince Kerri to speak to her mother.

Despite Will and Ric's reservations, Connie goes ahead with the Batista, but Pat experiences complications. Will continues to question her judgment, but Pat begins to stabilise, and Connie sends Will out. Later, Connie and Ric have sex in the latter's office, but Ric is shocked when she reveals that she has been hired as the hospital's new medical director afterwards.

In Obs & Gynae, Mickie — working on her day-off — nurses a promiscuous woman with inflammatory bowel disease named Eileen who has been admitted for an elective hysterectomy. Owen informs Eileen that her ovaries may require removal due to the presences of cystes, but she insists that she does not want children. However, after the surgery, she immediately regrets her decision. After Eileen urges Mickie to do what she wants before it is too late, Donna intervenes when Mickie desperately tries to lose her virginity at a bar and promises to find a decent man for her.

Meanwhile, Lisa confronts Donna about her indolence and urges her to prove her wrong. However, Donna fails to impress Lisa when she breaches patient confidentiality and fails to complete an obs chart.


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