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"In the Black" is the 136th episode of Casualty and the 8th episode of the 9th series.


A girl and her young mother are shoplifting from a department store. The girl is caught despite a security guard's reluctance to chase her; he collapses during the altercation and they are both taken to the hospital where the girl refuses to give answers to the staff. The store manager forces the guard to help with prosecution and the girl's mother reveals she is his daughter, who only recently met him for the first time, and he set up the theft to get rid of her. His wife offers to help the pair out. The police turn up to investigate the clash between Ash and Hitchens, who injured his eye socket. With Eddie unable to confirm anything other than the blow, Ash is charged with assault. Mine owner Alan finds one of his employees, Duncan, stealing coal after hours. Duncan knocks a support away during the altercation and is hit by falling rubble. Josh arrives to help but then the mine caves in, trapping them both. Josh learns Duncan was once area manager but was made redundant. Mike and a rescue team cut them out but Duncan dies of his injuries at the scene.

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