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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Inappropriate Behaviour" is the 597th episode of Casualty and the 7th episode of the 22nd series.


Harry introduces a new policy in which they will only take in emergency patients and everyone else will be turned elsewhere. After a drunken night out a woman is raped in a taxi by the driver. The taxi is then involved in a serious RTA after the woman attacks the driver. They plough into a lorry. Harry attends the RTA as the doctor. Ruth tries to hand Toby a drunk patient but Nadia forces her to treat him, it transpires that the patient is Ruth's dad, a drunk/violent man. Adam is forced to restrain Dianne's husband after he attacks the cab driver by ripping the intubation tube from his throat after finding out that he raped his wife. Ruth swaps her blood for her dads blood so that he can pass the blood alcohol test. They agree to go out for coffee together after her shift but her dad has done a runner, Ruth then finds out that the card he claims he wrote for her years ago was bought outside the hospital, he was just using Ruth for his own personal gain.