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"Internal Inferno - Part Two" is the 228th episode of Casualty and the 2nd episode of the 13th series. It aired exactly 12 years after "Gas", the first ever episode.


Charlies despatches George to the fire instead. Julie is quickly freed from the car but Mark has a head injury and needs extensive treatment. Chloe fails to get Sean's attention about Bonnie so instead arranges to have her sent straight to the surgical team. Richard explains Bonnie was beaten up by loan sharks. Tina learns Nick injected himself with alcohol and he dies in Resus. His friend Laila makes a statement to the police. Joe gets the girl he is with up to the roof where she is rescued by fire crews, then rescues Anthea and her class with a fire extinguisher and gets them out the same way. However, he collapses from smoke inhalation before he can get out himself. He is rescued by Josh and a fire crew and taken to intensive care. His mother Louise turns up with Andy; she walked out on her family for him and estranged husband Dave refuses to let her see Joe. Hibberton quizzes Stirling about the presence of gas canisters. Hannah is brought in with bleeding after performing a DIY operation, while Cassie is reunited with Gary. Tina tells Sam she is going to get her own flat.

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