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"It's A Boy Thing" is the 368th episode of Casualty and the 8th episode of the 17th series.


Josh is still angry at Colette, for telling Simon about their marriage problems. Josh tells Fin his health fears. Nikki is disappointed when her photo doesn’t appear in the magazine but a jealous Jack is secretly relieved.

Roxy arrives to discuss her work options and is not happy with Dillon’s interference. Duffy goes to see Melanie at home in an attempt to help Lara be released, but Melanie isn’t keen to help. She tells her to leave or she will inform the police Duffy has been interfering.

When Duffy arrives at work, she is embarrassed to be seen with Ryan as she doesn’t want anyone to know they are an item yet, but it seems that Anna has already guessed. Ryan agrees when Duffy asks him not to make things too obvious, and the pair appear very happy for the rest of the shift.

Jack tells Tony that he isn’t seeing his Dad, when in fact he is. Jack visits him and asks him why he left them when they were children. Two men, Alan and Robert end up in a fight after a road rage incident. Alan suffers a heart attack and an angry Robert hits paramedic Josh before speeding off. Teenager Matt turns up in A&E, and tells Colette he has taken an overdose. Colette realises he is not telling the truth and wants to refer him to a psychiatrist.

Matt shares his troubles about his Dad with Josh. His father turns out to be Robert – who was in the road rage incident. Alan, who is recovering from his heart attack, spots Robert, and outside smashes into his car before collapsing. Robert awaits arrest but makes up with his son beforehand.

Kevin Elkins is brought in with his wife Maureen, after collapsing. Anna talks to Maureen who admits she’s unhappy with his constant need for sex and has been giving him her HRT tablets. Anna doesn’t want the police involved but Maureen confesses her actions to Kevin.

Melanie Collier arrives in A&E with chest pains and requests codeine. Duffy and Harry suspect she’s addicted and on investigating her medical records discover old x-rays from when she had rib fractures. Duffy confronts her in the cubicle but Melanie walks out.

However later outside A&E, Duffy gets Melanie to admit her husband used to hit her and her children and that she now has to help Lara, who was only trying to defend herself. At an after shift drinks, Dillon decides to forgive Heather, but sees her going off with another guy. Anna goes with Harry back to his house and they end up sharing an illicit kiss before she backs off.