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Joseph Byrne

Jac suggests that she and Joseph work together again. (HC: "Conscience")

On 1 August 2006, Jac and Joseph treated an environmental protestor named Mik who had been impaled by a tree branch. Joseph insisted on ordering an aortogram to rule out any tears in Mik's descending aorta, but Jac was more concerned about his potentially fatal liver laceration. In theatre, an aortic tear was detected, and, with no bypass machine or available theatres on Darwin, they were forced to risk the condition of Mik's kidneys to fix the tear. Later, Jac praised Joseph's diagnostic skills and suggested working together again some other time. (HC: "Conscience")

On 24 October, Jac found Joseph unconscious in the Darwin staff room after he overdosed on fentanyl. Jac managed to reverse the effects of the drug and revive Joseph, but he insisted on no one finding out about the incident; Jac informed his father Charles regardless, resulting in Joseph being barred from operating for a week. Jac tried to apologise to Joseph, but he told her that her intervention had not helped his relationship with his father. (HC: "Before a Fall")

On 7 November, Joseph refused Jac's proposal of fulfilling Gareth Jenkins' wish to donate his heart to his father Arthur, but Charles was receptive of the idea and decided to go ahead with the transplant. After Jac convinced Joseph that their actions were morally right, the two decided to put their disagreements behind them. When Joseph mentioned that he was attending a Holby Cardiac Foundation get-together, Jac volunteered to pretend to be his girlfriend to attend the gathering and appease Charles. (HC: "Sins of the Fathers") On 28 November, Jac told Joseph that she was happy about maintaining the facade and persuaded him to join her for a drink. (HC: "It's Been a Long Day")

On 14 December, Joseph intended to invite Jac to a gathering involving Charles and his peers, but she unwittingly declined. She soon noticed Joseph's friendship with Elliot Hope's daughter Martha and was disappointed to hear that Joseph had invited Martha instead. That evening, Joseph felt that he and Jac had taken their fake relationship too far, but Jac asserted that she was not pretending and said that she wanted them to be a couple. A surprised Joseph was receptive of the idea, and the two shared a kiss. (HC: "Crossing the Line") On 19 December, Joseph suggested that they spend Christmas with his parents in the Cotswolds, but, as Jac did not want to sleep with him, she claimed that she was not comfortable with his parents being in their vicinity and opted for a guest room; Joseph ultimately abandoned the idea. (HC: "The Good Fight") On 28 December, after Martha gave Joseph a Christmas present, Jac told him to "put things straight" with Martha. (HC: "The Very Thought of You") On 4 January 2007, after Jac's actions resulted in Martha cutting her hand on a vase, she informed Elliot of the incident, resulting in him catching Joseph and Martha kissing. (HC: "The Games People Play")

Jac and Joseph passionately kiss in the on-call room. (HC: "The End of the World as We Know It")

On 9 January, Dan Clifford approached Joseph about a general secretary position at the Surgical Association; Jac told Joseph that he was the perfect man for the job and encouraged him to apply for it. After Martha warned Joseph that Jac was using him for his family's status, he confronted Jac; she asserted that Martha was playing games with him. After Jac assured Joseph that she knew Martha initiated the kiss, the two had sex in the on-call room. Later, Joseph decided to withhold his application to focus on improving his surgical skills and recommended Jac to Charles. (HC: "The End of the World as We Know It")

The following week, Jac discovered that Joseph was accompanying Charles and a team of surgeons to Dubai to resect a bowel tumour and urged him to take her with him, but he did not feel that it was appropriate. Later, after Dan appointed Diane Lloyd as Keller's locum consultant, Jac — feigning tears — told Joseph that she felt he did not believe in her, prompting him to call Charles about allowing her to assist in Dubai; Jac was delighted when Charles gave her permission. (HC: "Face Value")

Charles Byrne

In October 2006, Jac found Charles' son Joseph unresponsive after accidentally overdosing on fentanyl. Despite Joseph's wishes, Jac informed Charles about the incident, but he reprimanded her for trying to "curry favour" with him and advised her to speak to Joseph's supervisors in future. (HC: "Before a Fall")

On 7 November, the son of Arthur Lewis — a patient of Charles' who required a heart transplant — suffered a catastrophic stroke and was left braindead, making him a prime candidate for donation. Despite Joseph's objections to the plan, Charles agreed with Jac and decided to perform the transplant. Later that day, as Charles believed that Jac and Joseph were a couple, and Jac wanted to attend the Holby Cardiac Foundation gathering, she agreed to pretend to be Joseph's girlfriend and accompanied him to the get-together. (HC: "Sins of the Fathers")

On 9 January 2007, when Joseph was approached about applying for a general secretary position at the Surgical Association, he ultimately decided to turn down the opportunity and instead recommended Jac to Charles. (HC: "The End of the World as We Know It") The following week, Charles allowed Jac to assist in a bowel tumour resection in Dubai. (HC: "Face Value")


Ric Griffin

Jac viewed Ric as one of the greatest surgeons in his field and was eager to work with him full-time. Following the successful hemicorporectomy in November 2005, Jac approached him about remaining on his surgical team, but Ric initially declined. (HC: "Bird on a Wire") When Jac locumed on Keller again in January 2006, Jac impressed Ric with her diagnostic skills and mentoring abilities, (HC: "Brother's Keeper") and she successfully secured a permanent job at Holby City. (HC: "I'll Be Back") When a consultancy was made available, Jac tried to impress Ric by reattaching a patient's arm, but the injury later became septic and nearly killed the patient. Regardless, Ric admired Jac's tenacity and believed that she would make for a fine consultant. (HC: "Out on a Limb")

In March, Ric asked Jac to keep an eye on Nick Jordan, who had a tendency to take over his cases in his absence, as he appeared to take a keen interest in his patient Carlo. (HC: "Let It Shine") Later that month, Ric reprimanded Jac after she failed to inform Nick of a patient's deterioration. (HC: "Snake in the Grass") In April, following an unsuccessful small bowel transplant, Jac overheard Nick attempting to soil Ric's reputation in front of the patient and warned Ric. (HC: "Honesty")

On 16 July, Jac felt that Ric was rushing through surgery to take on Diane and Nick's waiting lists and confronted him when his haste resulted in a patient's stitches being placed incorrectly; he ultimately decided to reject Bradley Hume's proposal of taking on the waiting lists. (HC: "Looking after Number One")

Diane Lloyd

Upon Jac's return to Holby City in January 2006, she and Diane clashed over the treatment of a patient with ulcerative colitis, and, after Diane agreed to lie to the patient's spouse about his admission, Diane took umbrage when Jac suggested her judgement was being clouded by the recent breakdown of her marriage to Owen Davis. In a conversation with Ric, Diane branded Jac as "blunt", "abrasive" and "patronising", and said that she would not be happy with Jac locuming on Keller again. However, following Jac's success in theatre, Diane praised her surgical skills and claimed that she was pleased that Jac was Keller's locum. (HC: "Yesterday Once More")

After returning to work from weeks of research, Diane was surprised to hear that Jac had secured a permanent post on Keller, and she was irritated when Jac continued calling her "Di" despite being corrected numerous times. In theatre, when Diane struggled to control a patient's internal bleeding, Jac claimed that she could perform a partial hepatectomy and took over. However, Diane was furious when Jac admitted that she had only read about the procedure and managed to stop the bleeds herself. Out of theatre, after overhearing Jac take credit for the procedure, Diane decided to challenge her for the vacant consultant job. (HC: "I'll Be Back")

Feeling as though Diane had favoured status among the panel, Jac was determined to win Ric over by reattaching the arm of a man named Billy. Diane was not optimistic about the blood supply to the arm post-op, but Jac insisted on waiting for signs of improvement. Ultimately, Billy's arm became ischemic and was deemed unviable. As Diane took over the operation from Jac, Ric arrived and mistakenly reprimanded her for endangering Billy's life. Later, Jac admitted that she was responsible. In the end, the consultant job was awarded to an outside candidate - Nick Jordan. (HC: "Out on a Limb")

In October, Jac felt jealous of Diane when she returned from her sabbatical as a close colleague of the eminent Lord Byrne. (HC: "Before a Fall") In January 2007, when Jac expressed her frustration with Dan Clifford and decided to confront him, Diane urged her not to and elected to talk to him on her behalf. However, Jac was disappointed when Dan appointed Diane as Keller's locum consultant. (HC: "Face Value")

Nick Jordan

Nick blackmails Jac into not reporting his actions to Ric. (HC: "Let It Shine")

Sharing a history with Nick, Jac was unhappy to learn in February 2006 that he had been appointed as Keller's new consultant general surgeon (HC: "Out on a Limb") and suspicious of his change in specialities. (HC: "We Gave Her All Our Love") In March, Nick took a keen interest in a patient with a duodenal ulcer who was scheduled for an aortic valve replacement and decided to operate on Darwin, leading Jac to suspect that he was planning on getting back into cardiothoracic surgery. In theatre, Carlo's condition deteriorated, and Nick decided to put him on bypass. Frustrated and concerned about Carlo's wellbeing, Jac brought Connie Beauchamp to the table, but Connie was impressed by Nick's adaptability and allowed him to assist on the valve replacement. After surgery, Nick admitted that he wanted to return to cardiothoracics and threatened to report Jac for failing to disclose her lack of experience in Carlo's procedure if she informed Ric of his actions. (HC: "Let It Shine")

Later that month, Nick continued to show an interest in performing cardiothoracic procedures, and Jac confronted him, but he reasserted his authority and told her to focus on her own pitfalls. When their patient's condition deteriorated further, Jac, instead of consulting Nick, paged Joseph Byrne, a registrar on Darwin who rushed the patient to Darwin for surgery. Once Nick found out, he berated Jac for not informing him and blamed her for the patient's overlooked cardiac issues. (HC: "Snake in the Grass")

In April, following an unsuccessful small bowel transplant, Jac overheard Nick attempting to soil Ric's reputation in front of the patient and warned Ric. (HC: "Honesty") After Nick allowed Diane to take the blame for Helena Bosman's death, Jac viewed Nick as being disloyal and decided to assist Abra out of spite. (HC: "Invasion") Later that month, Jac threatened to disclose the circumstances behind Nick's return to Holby to Lord Byrne to stop him securing the cardiothoracic consultant post at St Luke's Hospital, but Nick suggested that it was a "risky" move and attempted to entice her with the idea of a consultant vacancy on Keller. Regardless, Jac and Ric publicly stated that Nick was fired from St Damian's Hospital after a patient died from a faulty swab count. (HC: "The Truth Will Out") Nick later departed from the hospital after being offered the CT consultant post at St Luke's. (HC: "Extreme Measures")

Dan Clifford

When Dan arrived on Keller in November 2006, Jac took issue with his condescending attitude and — feeling that he was brought in to replace Ric — did not trust him. On the same day, Jac spoke to Dan's ex-fianceé Camilla Patterson who he jilted at the altar, and she was left speechless when Camilla publicly confronted Dan on Keller. (HC: "It's Been a Long Day") Later, Dan suggested that Jac was trying to "create drama" by winding Camilla up, but she denied it. However, as Camilla was being removed from the hospital after tearing up Dan's clothes on the ward, Jac suggested that she report him to the trust. (HC: "The Bitterest Pill")

On 9 January 2007, Jac felt insulted when Dan scathingly said that there was no point in approaching her about applying for a general secretary vacancy at the Surgical Association after she was briefly distracted in theatre. (HC: "The End of the World as We Know It") However, following Abra's resignation, Jac tried to impress Dan by using hypnosis to anaesthetise a patient, but he ultimately appointed Diane. (HC: "Face Value")

Martha Hope

On 14 December 2006, Jac noticed Joseph's friendship with Elliot Hope's daughter Martha and was disappointed to hear that Joseph had invited Martha to a gathering with Lord Byrne and his peers instead. After Martha expressed an interest in dropping out of university and working at the hospital as a healthcare assistant, Jac contacted Andy Zimmerman — an old colleague from St James' Hospital — and managed to secure her a job interview there to separate her from Joseph. However, Elliot informed Martha of a position on Darwin, and she decided to pursue it. (HC: "Crossing the Line")

On 28 December, Jac told Elliot that she had witnessed Joseph and Martha kissing at the Christmas dinner. Later, Martha told Jac that she thought Joseph liked her, but Jac informed her that they were a couple. (HC: "The Very Thought of You") On 4 January 2007, as an errand, Jac told Martha to replace the water in all of the vases on Darwin, resulting in Martha smashing a vase in frustration and cutting her hand. Jac informed Elliot of the incident, and he was horrified to find Joseph and Martha kissing. (HC: "The Games People Play") On 9 January, Martha learned that Jac was the one who brought Elliot to her and Joseph; she tried to warn Joseph that Jac was using him for his family's status, but he refused to listen. (HC: "The End of the World as We Know It")

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