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Jacqueline "Jac" Naylor (born 19 April)[1] is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and Clinical Lead of the Darwin ward of Holby General Hospital. She visited the ED several times in 2016 to assist with various procedures.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2005-)

Jac started working at the hospital in 2005 as a specialist registrar in general surgery. She later specialised in cardiothoracic surgery before becoming a counsultant cardiothoracic surgeon and even the Clinical Lead of the Darwin ward. She gave birth to a daughter in January 2014 via an emergency cesarean.

Interference in the Emergency Department (2016)

In February, Jac went down to visit the ED after she heard that Sam Strachan had returned from the US. However, her presence later in the evening was vital as she assisted Connie in performing a procedure on Sam's girlfriend Emma before she went off to theatre. After the procedure, she told Grace that Connie saved Emma's life and that she should be proud of her.[2]

In August Jac visited the ED to assist with the mayhem caused by the helicopter crash. She treated Grace in resus before going upstairs with Connie for an operation. She later helped Elle in resus when she was intubating Grace, before being paged and leaving.[3]

Just two weeks later, she was once again called down along with Guy Self to perform an operation on Grace. The operation was a success, although Connie initially had reservations about her performing the surgery after she had a dream that she'd done it and it'd gone wrong.[4]

Behind the scenes

Rosie Marcel portrays Jac Naylor on Holby City as a regular character. She guest appeared as her in 2016 on Casualty in the series 30 episode "Hearts and Flowers".

It was confirmed in June that Marcel would reprise her role as the character during the 30th anniversary episode at the start of series 31. She also made an appearance in episode 3 of series 31.


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