Jacqueline "Jackie" Munroe (born 1960/1961) is the mother of Alicia Munroe. She was with Howard Munroe from around 1984 until 2017.


In 1984, Jackie met and later married Howard Munroe, (CAS: "Fall on Me") and she gave birth to a daughter named Alicia in 1989. (CAS: "Party Pooper", Episode 1093) In the 2010s, Jackie found out that Howard had cheated on her and gave him another chance, but he continued. As she did not want to be alone and wanted to preserve the close bond Alicia and Howard shared, Jackie decided to tell Alicia that she was the one who cheated.

On 3 September 2016, Jackie was admitted to Holby City Hospital's emergency department experiencing abdominal pains that had started when she and Howard were "intimate"; her urine test results showed that she had contracted gonorrhoea. When Alicia began scolding Jackie, Howard admitted that he was the adulterer and decided to leave. (CAS: "Fall on Me")

In February 2017, Jackie and Howard reconciled and celebrated their anniversary. However, when one of their old friends Martin turned up, Howard was quick to ask him to leave. As he was driving off, Martin accidentally drove forward crushing Howard between the car and a skip. The paramedics arrived to free him, but another piece of wood fell and hit Jackie on the head. At the ED, it transpired that Howard was gay and he had been seeing Martin. He suffered a small heart attack and Jackie stuck by his side, but when Cal was forced to operate on him for his pelvic injury, Jackie realised that their marriage was over. After he was awake, she told him that their marriage was over. (CAS: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love")

Behind the scenes

Tracey Wilkinson first portrayed Jackie Munroe for one episode in September 2016. She reprised her role as the character in January 2017.

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