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Jacob Masters (born 29 January) is a nurse who works in Holby City Hospital's emergency department. He joined the department in 2015, a week after bringing in his friend to the department and impressing Connie Beauchamp with his medical skills. He was appointed to the role of acting clinical nurse manager in August 2016 following Rita's departure and secured the permanent position following an interview in September. In March 2018, Jacob resigned as clinical nurse manager.


Early life

Coming from a Nigerian background, Jacob grew up in South London during his childhood where he attended a state school. (CAS: "Belief") At some point, he and his family moved to Holby. (CAS: Episode 1132) As a young child, Jacob adored his father, but he would later only visit him and his mother Omo whenever he was short on money, and his absence would often leave Jacob hysterical. Ultimately, Omo told him to leave and never come back. (CAS: Episode 1133) Jacob eventually forgot about his history with his father, and Omo insisted that he had died before he was born. (CAS: Episode 1132)

By his teenage years, he'd met Elle Gardner and they had become close friends. (CAS: "Chain Reaction") During this time, they'd penned nicknames for each other. Jacob's was "Pudding" which originated from the fact he was overweight and used to take double dessert portions at school and Elle's was "Pancake" as a result of her late development. (CAS: "Too Much Love Will Kill You") During their friendship, they took part in various activities from camping to canoeing together. Jacob would occasionally stay over at her house when Omo's schizophrenia became unbearable. Eventually, her erratic mental state became too much for him to handle, and he left home at 17. (CAS: Episode 1100)

One night in 2000, Jacob and Elle had a one night stand; nine months later, Elle gave birth to their son Blake, but she didn't tell Jacob that he was the father. (CAS: Episode 1064)

After qualifying, Jacob worked at St. Lawrence's Hospital where he met Louise Tyler who was a student nurse at the time. (CAS: "Forsaking All Others - Part One") After his time at St. Lawrence's, he moved to Holby for a fresh start but as a result of being a nurse who lived on the poorer side of town, he frequently attracted the attention of some dangerous contacts in need of quick medical attention.

Joining the emergency department

Jacob Masters started working at the ED on 25 July 2015, the week after he had visited the ED with an injured friend. Upon seeing his skills in the ED and having learned that he was a qualified nurse, Connie offered him a job interview. (CAS: "If You Could Bottle It") Upon arrival, Connie and Ethan seemed to get along well with him, but other members of staff including Cal Knight were less inclined to. (CAS: "The Next Step")

In August 2015, he confronted Louise about their past together as colleagues and encouraged her to go and speak to Laila, a former patient whose issues contributed to Louise moving on from being a nurse. (CAS: "Forsaking All Others - Part One") He also saw the perfect opportunity to prove that his new proposed policy regarding gunshot wounds in the ED would a success after a member of the public was admitted following a shooting in a nightclub. The violence soon escalated when two more patients were admitted after being stabbed by the gang's leader. It became up to Jacob to institute emergency protocol before the violence got out of hand. (CAS: "A Child's Heart - Part Two")

Terrorist incident and conflict with police

Connie visiting Jacob whilst he was recovering. (CAS: "Belief")

In September, Jacob helped Lily deliver a baby of a mother who had wandered outside the ED. They were successful, but Jacob also asked Connie on a date and got rejected. (CAS: "Cradle to the Grave") Later in September during an extremist takeover of the ED, Jacob was accidentally shot by the police who mistook him for one of the extremists. (CAS: "Belief") In the following weeks, Connie spoke with the superintendent of Holby Police about the incident, and they made it clear to her that they weren't thinking of punishing the officer responsible. After she told Jacob this, he said that he wanted to know who the man was, but she said they would never reveal it, but he told her there were other ways he could find out. (CAS: "Best Served Cold") In November, he received an envelope containing the name of the police officer who shot him from an unknown source but eventually threw it away without opening it. (CAS: "Avoidable Harm")

Relationship with Connie

In December, Connie and Jacob ended up sleeping together following a dramatic day of work. (CAS: "Maybe This Year") However, Connie inadvertently revealed it to some of the staff when she became annoyed with Jacob for not following her instructions when dealing with a patient with motor neurone disease. (CAS: "Silence Speaks")

In January 2016, Connie was left feeling guilty when she found out she had missed Jacob's birthday. Despite feeling bad and booking a trip for them to Paris, Jacob reminded her that she didn't know it was his birthday, and that he wasn't a fan of fancy food and hotels. (CAS: "The Good Life") In February following Grace's return to Holby, Jacob travelled with Connie to reach the plane which Grace and Sam were boarding. They got there in time, and Connie got Grace to stay with her in the UK instead of returning to New York with Sam. (CAS: "Just Do It")

In March, Jacob attempted to rescue Connie after she was kidnapped by a convicted murderer Kieran being treated in the ED. He located her in the basement after she answered her phone and relayed her situation through conversation so he would hear whilst it was in her pocket. They were soon tied up by Kieran and the prison officer with whom he was in a relationship with and was aiding his escape. However, he soon took a turn for the worse and Jacob and Connie were forced to get him back upstairs by breaking free, but he died shortly after. (CAS: "Sweet Child of Mine")

Connie attempts to free Jacob. (CAS: "Buried Alive")

In April, Connie broke up with Jacob as a result of Grace giving her the choice of her or Jacob. As a result, Jacob decided to distance himself from her and went out with the paramedics to the scene of an entrapment at an unsteady building. Connie arrived soon after to help, and they managed to get the patient out by performing an arm amputation, however just as they were about to exit the room, the floor gave way, trapping them in a small basement room quickly filling with sand. Jacob was unable to move, and the same soon happened to Connie when she was knocked unconscious by a falling rock. Just after the sand covered their faces the fire crews and paramedics were able to break the wall, releasing the sand and freeing them. Jacob returned to the ED following Connie and was distraught to see she went running straight to Grace and ignored him. (CAS: "Buried Alive")

In May, new consultant Elle Gardner and Jacob recognised each other as old friends and were reunited in reception. They later took off without permission to attend the scene of an accident at a chemical factory, and upon returning to the ED Connie was left furious at both of them. Although she told Jacob that Rita would deal with him, she called Elle into her office and disciplined her. (CAS: "Chain Reaction") The following month when Elle's actions resulted in Charlie being fired, Jacob decided to ignore her, (CAS: "The Best Day of My Life") although she was able to gain back some of the team's trust, including Jacob when Charlie was reinstated. (CAS: "You Make Me Sick")

Jacob shortly before jumping back into the stormy river. (CAS: "What Lies Beneath")

Towards the start of July, Jacob took a day off work to travel to a conference where he was due to give a speech on his gun control policies. Just before he left, Connie decided to go with him for support, but a severe storm hit Holby whilst they were on their way there, and Jacob spotted a man running over the bridge whilst they'd been held up at temporary traffic lights. The man informed them that there was a man stuck in the storm drain, and Jacob ran down to help only to be swept down the drain too. He was able to reach the bank and ran along to a steep ledge and although Connie told him not to, he jumped in again to try to rescue the man. They eventually reached safety and Connie and Jacob attended the conference. Jacob gave his talk with help from Connie in the audience, and then they were forced to book adjoining rooms in the hotel for the night, which resulted in them sharing a passionate kiss when they gave in to the temptation. (CAS: "What Lies Beneath")

After rekindling their romance, Jacob and Connie officially became a couple once again. Charlie quickly caught on, but Connie requested that he keep it quiet for Grace's sake. By mid-July, Connie was preparing to tell Grace about the relationship despite being unsure of how she'd react. When Grace unexpectedly turned up at the ED after returning from summer camp, Jacob kept her entertained in the staff room by challenging her to a game of table football, something which improved their relationship. However, just as Connie was about to tell Grace about her and Jacob after their shift, Grace explained that she was having issues with school following another argument with Carmel which resulted in Connie keeping quiet about the relationship. (CAS: "The Fear")

Helicopter crash and breakup

Jacob speaking with Grace about Carmel's injuries outside the ED. (CAS: "Sticks and Stones")

In August[1] as Charlie's 30th anniversary party was being prepared, Grace found out about the relationship when she went to get Connie's help and found her and Jacob kissing after her friend Carmel had broken her leg on the trampoline. Grace was initially annoyed, but after it transpired that Carmel was having trouble at home, Grace apologised to Connie. Jacob convinced Grace to tell the truth after she'd taken the blame for Carmel's scratches when he pointed out that she bit her nails and couldn't have caused Carmel's injuries. Just before Grace and Connie left for the day, Grace gave Jacob a hug and granted approval for him to date Connie. After they'd left, Jacob attempted to calm down an angry Steph who was blaming Connie for her daughter being taken away. Jacob went to help across the road in The Hope & Anchor for Charlie's party and assured them that Connie would be back for the celebrations, unaware that she'd had a car accident and driven off a cliff on the way home. (CAS: "Sticks and Stones")

As the party drew closer, Jacob attempted to contact Connie but was only able to leave a message twice. Shortly after, Steph was admitted as she'd been hit by a car and Jacob demanded that Iain and Jez take him out to the scene so he could see Steph's car. They showed him the damage and he made them drive along the road in search of Connie, as he presumed that the car which hit Steph's could have been her. They eventually reached the turn in the road and Jacob went running down after seeing the tyre marks on the road. He immediately helped Connie and after Grace had also been found, he accompanied her back to the ED. Back at the hospital, Jacob and Elle tried to get Connie to have a CT scan done but she refused to until she knew where Grace was. However, they were all startled when a massive crash was heard and there was a power cut in the ED. Jacob rushed outside to see the helicopter carrying Grace had crashed near the entrance of the department. He was able to lift off a heavy metal beam and get to Grace.

Charlie preventing Jacob from going to get revenge on Steph. (CAS: "Too Old for This Shift")

She was eventually admitted and Connie saw her being wheeled through. She went to see her but collapsed and Jacob and Elle took her back to her bed. Jacob followed Jac's later instructions to stay with Grace after Connie was taken up to theatre. Whilst in reception, Kai apologised to Jacob and admitted that it was his drone that caused the helicopter crash. In anger, Jacob pinned him up against the wall but Charlie persuaded him to let go. His next move was to go and get revenge on Steph but after an argument with Charlie, he was stopped in his tracks. Jacob was later joined by Elle in the staff room and cried, fearing that he'd lose everything. Towards the end of the day, Charlie showed Jacob Grace's scan results displaying a subdural haematoma and the chances of surviving were not good, and Jacob was the one who went to tell Connie. . Charlie encouraged Jacob to break the news to Connie, but when he did she pulled her hand away from his, clearly more worried about her daughter. (CAS: "Too Old for This Shift")

The following week, Jacob went to visit Grace as Connie hadn't left her bedside. He brought her food, but she was only concerned about Grace, not herself. When Jacob had arrived back downstairs, he saw Duffy and thanked her for her efforts the previous week and encouraged her to apply for the vacant band 7 position that had become available. By the end of the day, she had decided to accept his offer. (CAS: "Fall on Me")

Elle teasing Jacob during their shift following his interview. (CAS: "Party Pooper")

Later in September, Jacob went for an interview for the permanent role of clinical nurse manager. Elle was supportive of him, but she decided to have some fun of her own. She found out that Jacob had got the job in the morning, but withheld the information until later in the day to keep him in suspense. Throughout their shift, Jacob pestered Elle for a down low on the interviews and who had got the job. She dropped him hints, although didn't fully reveal it until the end of the day. (CAS: "Party Pooper")

In October, Elle got Jacob a personalised card to congratulate him on his promotion. However, Jacob was embarrassed of the picture on the front as it showed him as a teen when he was overweight. After Alicia discovered the photo, it became the gossip of the department and Jacob became angry with Elle for bringing his private life to the knowledge of the rest of the staff. She apologised, and Jacob realised that she had put a lot of effort into the card after a chat with Charlie. Towards the end of their shift, Jacob confronted Elle and joked about the card as they reflected on their positions within the department, despite the fact they'd clashed over a patient's treatment earlier in the day. (CAS: "Too Much Love Will Kill You") The following week, Jacob became embroiled in Connie and Elle's conflict, and eventually Connie ordered them both to leave her office. (CAS: "The Big Day")

Connie shouting at Jacob after he brought Grace downstairs. (CAS: "About My Mother")

In November on the day of the ED's inspection, Connie once again arrived downstairs ready to work. Elle pleaded with Jacob to make her go home as she didn't think she was fit to work. However, Connie refused to listen and continued working through the shift, treating one of Grace's friends, Hugo. Later in the day, Jacob expressed his guilt to Elle about having slept with another woman since Connie's crash, and she told him that he should tell her. Jacob later became concerned when Connie seemed to be believing her own lies to Hugo that Grace was fit and well. Although Connie shouted at Jacob when he brought Grace downstairs, she later admitted that he was right about needing to take her home. She asked him to stay with them, to which he agreed, before the three of them left the ED for the day. (CAS: "About My Mother")

The following week, the bad inspection report came back and Jacob was intent on improving things in the department. He sent David out with the paramedics in an attempt to build his confidence, and also noted that Louise lacked a softer side when dealing with patients. Before the shift, Charlie and Duffy made a bet with Jacob that he could get through to the staff with a more encouraging approach. At the end of the day, they were right and Jacob was prepared to buy them both breakfast although David, Louise and Noel were unhappy about being lied to. Despite this, Duffy had another agreement with Charlie, that if he could get Jacob to be nicer to the staff during the shift she'd buy breakfast. Feeling equally as left out, Jacob left them to it and left. (CAS: "Not in Holby Anymore")

Jacob and Connie on Christmas Eve. (CAS: "Bah Humbug")

In the lead-up to Christmas, Grace's condition was showing signs of improvement, but Connie wasn't willing to let anything get in the way of her recovery. Although some chocolates that Jacob had bought put a smile on Grace's face, Connie refused to let her have them, noting their poor nutritional value. (CAS: "All I Want for Christmas Is You") On Christmas Eve, Jacob urged Connie to give Grace a break after he noticed her up and helping her walk again. During the shift, Connie learned something from two patients which made her reconsider Jacob's idea of getting Grace the puppy she wanted for Christmas. That evening, Jacob dressed up as Santa Claus and Connie bought the puppy in for Grace, as they all enjoyed themselves once again. (CAS: "Bah Humbug")

In January 2017, Jacob was shocked to discover that Connie had lodged a complaint against Elle, accusing her of not following procedure when Grace was admitted after the helicopter crash. He tried to persuade her to withdraw it, but Connie made it clear that she wasn't going to back down. During the shift, Jacob was also given the task to get to the bottom of a patient case involving police brutality at an illegal rave. Eventually, he was able to convince a police officer to go against her sergeant's crooked ways. After the shift, Jacob told Connie that if she didn't withdraw the complaint, their relationship would be over. As Connie refused to do so, they both acknowledged that it was the end. (CAS: "Back to School") The following week, Jacob moved out. (CAS: "Little Sister")

Jacob speaking with Dylan and Elle outside the tribunal hall. (CAS: "You Are Your Only Limit")

In February, Jacob accompanied Elle to her tribunal as a result of another patient complaint being made against her. Jacob was worried for Elle when Connie arrived with full legal aid and was shocked when she proceeded to belittle Elle in front of everyone. Following Grace's accident in the bathroom where she suffered from a seizure, Jacob spoke to Connie about not going ahead with the case. However, Connie was angry when she realised that he was the one who contacted Sam to attend the hearing in an attempt to dissuade her from going through with it. Eventually, Connie dropped the case when she returned to the tribunal hall. (CAS: "You Are Your Only Limit")

In April when David returned to work after his psychiatric admittance, he put his letter of resignation on Jacob's desk. However, Jacob knew what this was and when he saw how happy David was in the department by the end of the day, he handed back the letter to him unopened. (CAS: "Child of Mine") The following month, Jacob helped Connie track down Hugo Bonning, one of Grace's friends from school who she'd been looking after. Hugo later moved away to Edinburgh with his family leaving Connie distraught. Although Jacob tried to comfort her, she pushed him away. (CAS: "End of the Road")


In June, Jacob accompanied Elle to her son's school to give a career talk. One of the school kids made fun of Jacob for being a male nurse, but he soon had a word with him outside. However, his attention was soon averted when Elle's son Blake was punched to the ground by a local thug who'd broken into the school grounds. Blake had suspected head injures, but together they managed to stabilise him and he was eventually okay, leaving them both relieved. (CAS: "Roadman")

Jacob talking to Blake, who had been injured by shards of glass. (CAS: Episode 1064)

In December, Blake called Jacob after he had been injured by shards of glass from a vodka bottle. Jacob took him into the ED and informed Elle. Later, upset with the idea of Blake thinking that he wasn't loved, Elle told Jacob that he was Blake's father. Jacob was furious at her for not telling him, and he left her sobbing in the staff room. (CAS: Episode 1064) Later that month, Jacob went to Dubai for Christmas. (CAS: Episode 1065)

In January 2018, Jacob returned from Dubai and told Elle that he wanted nothing to do with her and Blake. Later, Blake was admitted to the ED with a compass stuck in his hand. Blake's friend Miles later visited him; when Jacob overheard them watching a video of the incident on Miles' phone, he confiscates it. Miles later demanded Jacob to return his phone, but Jacob pinned him against the wall and warns him not to mess with Blake. Blake witnessed the altercation and told Jacob that to stop treating him like a child. Later, Jacob found Blake outside the hospital and told him that he was his father. (CAS: Episode 1067)

The next day, after Blake failed to return home that morning, Jacob revealed to Elle that he told him that he was his father. Blake soon arrived in the ED with Miles who was unconscious and covered in blood. Blake claimed that he was mugged, but Jacob and Elle noticed holes in the story he told to the police. After they showed him the extent of Miles' injuries, they implored him to come clean. Later, Jacob showed Elle the video of Miles pressuring Blake into playing the 'knife game', and she was furious at him for not telling her sooner. Jacob snapped back, accusing her of robbing him of his chance to be a good father. Afterwards, Miles began to deteriorate, and Blake admitted to his parents that he punched him after he insulted them. Jacob was shocked when Elle instructed Blake to tell the police that she told him to lie. However, they were distraught when Blake was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. (CAS: Episode 1068)

Jacob, Elle and Blake, relieved after Blake received a light sentence. (CAS: Episode 1071)

In February, Jacob and Elle supported Blake during his trial. However, Elle soon left once she heard that Miles had been admitted to the ED, and Jacob was forced to act as Blake's character witness. Later, after the court had adjourned, Jacob allowed Blake to spend the night at his flat. The following morning, Jacob was relieved when Blake was only given a referral order by the judge. Outside, Blake asked Elle if he could stay with Jacob for a while, and Elle reluctantly agreed. (CAS: Episode 1071). Later that month, he disagreed with Ethan when he decided to set up a new Clinical Decisions Unit. (CAS: Episode 1072)

In March, Jacob was furious with Elle after she ignored his calls asking for help with Blake's homework whilst she had a one-night stand with Ric Griffin. (HC: "Powerless") Later, when she couldn't find her morning after pill, she accused Jacob of taking it; Jacob told her that he put it in her filing cabinet. After Blake called to tell him that he passed his test, Jacob was delighted. Wanting to spend more time with his son, he decided to resign as clinical nurse manager. (CAS: Episode 1077)

Relationship with Sam

In May, Jacob supported Sam when she felt guilty for amputating a patient's leg without his consent. Later that day, to cheer her up, he gave her his old punching bag as a gift. (CAS: Episode 1083) The following week, Jacob took Blake to the ED with him so he could study in the staff room. Soon, Sam allowed Blake to revise at the ambulance station as he found the commotion in the department too distracting. Later, Jacob found Sam coaching Blake in boxing, and he thanked her for looking after him. (CAS: Episode 1085)

Jacob and Sam sharing a kiss, shortly before he lost consciousness. (CAS: Episode 1086)

In June, at The Hope & Anchor, Jacob suggested to Sam that he could take her on in a fight, so the two decided to test his theory by sparring at the ambulance station. Although Jacob initially had the upper-hand, Sam tripped him up, and the two shared a kiss on the floor. However, Jacob soon fell unconscious and was taken to the ED, where he was jovially mocked by his colleagues. (CAS: Episode 1086) The following week, Jacob tried to help Robyn avoid having to pay parking fines by editing her number plate. Although she told him to change it back, he was caught while reattaching the plate to her car, and she was given an additional fine. (CAS: Episode 1087)

In July, Sam told Jacob that Blake tried to kiss her. Later, Jacob talked to him outside the ED, and Blake told him that he loved her. (CAS: Episode 1089) The next day, Jacob lied to Sam and told her that he had told Blake about their relationship. (CAS: Episode 1090) Later that month, he visited Sam at the ambulance station, and he hid in an ambulance when Blake arrived and helped Sam clean its exterior. Once he left, she encouraged Jacob to finally inform him of their relationship. (CAS: Episode 1091)

Later that month, Sam was killed by shrapnel from an exploding fuel tanker. (CAS: Episode 1093) Blake overheard Connie's speech about her and went to pay his respects at the ambulance station. In the afternoon, Jacob told Blake about their relationship and comforted him as he broke down in his arms. (CAS: Episode 1094) In August, Dylan invited Jacob to help him clear out Sam's locker. (CAS: Episode 1095) The following month, after Sam's funeral, Blake helped his father write a speech about her for a drink at The Hope & Anchor. (CAS: Episode 1096)

Reconciling with Omo

Jacob physically and emotionally exhausted after restraining his mother Omo. (CAS: Episode 1100)

Later in September, Blake asked Jacob about his mother, and Jacob told him that her name was Omo. Blake soon found out that Omo volunteered at the local Baptist church's community shop and decided to introduce himself to her. (CAS: Episode 1098) In October, Jacob was left shaken when Omo was taken in the ED. Outside, he told Blake about her schizophrenia, and Blake told him that she was afraid of him. Blake managed to convince Omo that the medical staff were trying to help her, and Elle gave her medication. However, the voices in her head insisted that Jacob was trying to poison her as revenge for her poor treatment of him as a child. After she tried to remove the "poison" herself, Jacob tried to calm her down and take her back to HDC. The voices told to run, and, as she was restrained and sedated by Jacob and Elle, she told her son that she wished that he had never been born. Blake witnessed the incident and accused Jacob of abandoning her, but Jacob explained to him why he needed to leave. Later, Elle implored him to allow Blake to continue visiting Omo. (CAS: Episode 1100)

In the early hours of Christmas Day, Jacob formed a connection with a man named Robby who had been electrocuted and suffered amnesia. He soon found out that he had been living in a homeless shelter and had a wife and daughter. However, Jacob was saddened to learn that Robby had experienced a nervous breakdown after they died in a car crash. Shortly after, Robby arrested, and Jacob desperately tried to save him. His attempts at resuscitation proved unsuccessful, and he pronounced Robby dead. Later, on his way to The Hope & Anchor, still shaken by Robby's death, he called Blake to wish him a merry Christmas. (CAS: Episode 1109) In April 2019, Jacob returned to the ED after being seconded to the surgical wards for several weeks and rushed to Charlie's aid after David pushed him to the floor during a confrontation. (CAS: Episode 1122)

On 25 May, David informed Jacob that Marc Forster - the brother of a patient - was carrying prescription medication with Omo's name on them. Furious, he confronted Marc, and he explained that he received the drugs in a pub by a woman named Jet. Jacob ran out of the department and drove to his mother's house. Jet answered the door, but he barged past her and rushed to Omo's bedroom. There, Omo accused him of abandoning her and told him that he was "dead to [her]". Jacob tried to reason with her, but she ordered him to get out. (CAS: Episode 1128)

The following week, Jacob called the police, but, after speaking with Omo and Jet, they did not intervene. He arrived late to work, prompting executive troubleshooter Ciaran Coulson to confront him about his unpunctuality. When Jacob fired back, Connie deescalated the situation. In cubicles, Jacob and Will treated an elderly woman named Ushma who was showing markers of sepsis, but Ciaran insisted that she was merely suffering from a simple viral illness and ordered them to clear her cubicle; after overhearing the argument, Ushma discharged herself.

When Ushma was readmitted later that day after collapsing outside the ambulance station, Jacob confronted Ciaran, but he contended that, as she had discharged herself, her decline was not the department's responsibility. In the corridor, David asked Jacob if his anger actually stemmed from the situation with Omo, and he explained that she told the police that the only person that she was afraid of was him. Once Ushma recovered, David offered Jacob a drink at The Hope & Anchor, but he declined, claiming that he needed to be somewhere. At his mother's doorstep, he ordered Jet to leave otherwise he would wait outside the house every night until she did. When Omo appeared, Jacob vowed to be there for her; regardless, Jet slammed the door in his face. (CAS: Episode 1129)

On 9 June, Jacob caught Jet conducting a drug dealing and chased her client away. After she forced her friends out of Omo's house and hid her drugs, she confronted him at the door and told him that his mother wanted him to leave. Regardless, he forced the door open, knocking her to the floor and injuring her hand. An ambulance was called, and Jan concluded that her hand was broken. Jet refused to get the police involved and reluctantly agreed to go to the ED for treatment as long as Omo went with her.

At the ED, she became irritated by Jacob's presence and requested him to leave - in his absence, Omo began to complain of stomach pains and vomited. Upon returning, he asked Dylan why Omo was in a hospital gown, and he suggested speaking to her himself. However, Omo told him to go away as, to her, he was always "nothing but trouble", and, when Jacob asserted that Jet was using her and offered to have her removed from her home, she affirmed that she was all she had left.

A sobbing Jacob opens up to David about his despair. (CAS: Episode 1131)

Jacob covertly browsed Omo's medical records and was heartbroken to discover that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In HDC, Dylan explained that, in her state, chemo- and radiotherapy were not viable options and reluctantly estimated that she only had up to a couple of months left to live. He then mentioned that she had been taking morphine for the past three months and speculated that she had stopped taking it. In the peace garden, a sobbing Jacob confided in David, and he assured him that he was a good man and that Omo was just frightened of accepting his help.

Quietly, Jacob took Omo's box of medication from her handbag and sent it to the pharmacy for identification. When the results of the tests came back, he informed Omo that Jet had been swapping and selling her morphine. He subsequently called a friend of his to change her house's locks. Jet later returned and offered to take Omo home, but she confronted her for selling her medication. Jacob called her a "parasite" and ordered her to leave. Later, he expressed his intent to swap some of his shift so he could spend more time with Omo, but she thought that it was not a good idea. (CAS: Episode 1131)

On 22 June, against Jacob's advice, Omo decided to help out with a bake sale at the church. There, Omo felt sick and vomited blood into her bag, and she called Jacob for help. Upon his arrival, she asked him to take her home, but he quickly found the blood and insisted on taking her to the hospital. She reminded him that she was dying and beyond help, but he became irritated and asserted that he knew what was best for her.

In HDC, Dylan explained to Omo that her pancreatic tumour was pushing against the wall of her stomach and was about to recommend performing an endoscopy, but she refused treatment and requested to be taken back home. Jacob took issue with her decision and explained the consequences of it on her health, but Dylan reminded him that it was ultimately her decision to make. Jacob accused him of taking sides and asserted that, given her history of schizophrenia, she was incapable of making an informed decision about her health - Dylan decided to leave them alone to talk. Jacob maintained that the endoscopy was in her best interests and acknowledged to Omo that he had made decisions for her in the past, but she interrupted and claimed that they were bad decisions. To her shock, he defended his decision to have her locked up and explained that he was always afraid of her schizophrenia manifesting in addition to the thought of him developing the same hallucinations himself. She insisted that the voices in her head blamed him for her issues and would become hostile whenever she defended him. Omo questioned his insistence to have the procedure done and suggested that he did not like her very much, but he claimed that he wanted to learn.

Jacob realises that Omo lied about his father dying before his birth. (CAS: Episode 1132)

In resus, Jacob thanked Omo for agreeing to go through with the endoscopy, and she asserted that she wanted to. However, Dylan and Jade began having trouble sedating her, forcing them to perform it whilst she was still awake. Shortly after, the sedatives took effect, and Jacob was asked to leave Omo as he was getting in the way. In the meantime, he returned to Omo's house and gathered several items to take back to the ED, including a selection of old photographs and one of his school books. Later, he returned to Omo in HDC, and the two decided to browse the school book. Inside, they found a drawing of them outside their first flat, and Omo explained that he would always keep the shutters closed as she "wanted to fly". Jacob apologised and closed the book, but she insisted on continuing. They later found a drawing of them and their old car, and Omo recounted a story involving Jacob and his father. However, Jacob pointed out that she told him that his father died before he was born and demanded to know why he was featured in all of the drawings. Omo asserted that it was "easier for a father to have children than for children to have a father" and went to sleep. (CAS: Episode 1132)

The following week, Jacob continued to inquire to Omo about his father, but she began to misinterpret his concern for her health as a front to establish contact with him and ordered him to go to work. Later, she started to experience chest pains and tried to reach for her phone, but she collapsed and broke her hip. Her carer soon found her and called for an ambulance. Upon hearing about her accident, Jacob abandoned his post in triage and rushed to her side. After she underwent an X-ray, believing that she was beyond help, Dylan suggested making Omo comfortable and moving her to a side room to pass away peacefully, but Jacob staunchly objected and begged him to grant her more time. Dylan eventually agreed, and he and David aspirated some of the fluid that had accumulated in her chest. She asked Jacob if she would be able to go home afterwards, but, to his colleagues' bemusement, Jacob told her that they needed to consult the surgeons about her broken hip.

After reminiscing about the joyful day they spent together at a beach, Jacob asked Omo if his father was there, and she reluctantly claimed that he was not. She explained that she told his father to leave and never return because he would only visit when he needed money, and he would constantly promise him things that he could never afford. Jacob asserted that they needed him when she became ill, but Omo insisted that he needed someone who he could have relied on. Regardless, Jacob was adamant that he wanted to know who his father was, and Omo directed him to a note at the back of her Bible; he promised to only read it once she had died.

Omo's scan results subsequently came back, and they showed that her cancer had spread to her bones - Dylan could not recommend her undergoing surgery for her hip. Despite David warning him that she only had, at worst, a few hours left to live, Jacob suggested waiting for a second opinion from the surgeons. Dylan asked Omo if she ultimately wanted the surgery, and, with Jacob's encouragement, she confirmed that she wanted to speak to the surgeons. David managed to secure a bed on the wards and a surgical assessment, and she was quickly transported to the lift. However, she believed that she was supposed to be going home and stated that she did not want to die in a hospital. As she began to sob and swear that she "did [her] best", Jacob asked her if she wanted him to take her home; she nodded.

A heartbroken Jacob burns his father's name. (CAS: Episode 1133)

Iain and Ruby escorted Jacob and Omo back to the latter's home, and they helped her back into her bed. Unexpectedly, David arrived with an offering of Robyn's lasagne, and Jacob expressed his gratitude to him. After lighting a candle, Jacob apologised to Omo for not taking her back to the beach and gave her a seashell to hold whilst he played oceanic sounds on his phone. As he read a section of John 14 from her Bible, Omo passed away. He subsequently took the note containing his father's name and held it over the flame of the candle, burning it. (CAS: Episode 1133) The following week, wanting to spend his time away from reflecting on her death, Jacob returned to work. (CAS: Episode 1134)

Supporting Mason

In August, F1 Mason Reede began his placement in the ED. (CAS: Episode 1140) Knowing that Mason would have a harder time on account of his ethnicity, Jacob was taken to offer him advice and help him when he made mistakes. However, Archie Hudson argued that Mason's mistakes were their mistakes by extension and asserted that Mason needed to have "thicker skin" and "give them more". (CAS: Episode 1141) The following month, when Mason started to regret becoming a doctor, Jacob assured him that he was a good doctor and reminded him that, unlike some of his colleagues, he got to his current point all by himself. (CAS: Episode 1145)

On 28 December, Mason was found dead in one of the department's store cupboards; Jacob was devastated by the news. (CAS: Episode 1155) In January 2020, Ryan Gillcrest and Dante Coopers — two members of rival gangs — were admitted to the ED after being involved in a fight, and Ryan threatened to kill Dante after his girlfriend Casey was beaten up by Dante's gang. Jacob opened up to Ryan about feeling that he let Mason down and told him that he could leave his criminal way of life. Later, Jacob expressed his sorrow at him frequently "losing people", but paramedic Lev Malinovsky advised that he make peace with what he cannot control. (CAS: Episode 1157)

De facto promotion

In February, while Charlie was on compassionate leave following Duffy's death, Jacob streamlined the organisation of nursing administration in the department. However, Charlie was furious with Jacob and accused him of trying to insinuate himself into his role. (CAS: Episode 1164) After finding Charlie shirking his clinical duties and cleaning cubicles instead, Jacob suggested that he take more time off to grieve, but Charlie dismissed his concerns. Left with no other option, Jacob reported Charlie's behaviour to Adrian Fletcher — the hospital's director of nursing. (CAS: Episode 1166)

On 21 March, after Charlie's failure to notify his colleagues about a patient's DNR resulted in them potentially sustaining brain damage, Charlie felt betrayed by Jacob and his colleagues and resigned, leaving Jacob as the de facto clinical nurse manager. (CAS: Episode 1167) However, when Charlie returned to work in May, he was impressed by Jacob's work during his time as interim CNM and suggested that Jacob carry on as clinical nurse manager. (CAS: Episode 1175)

Friendship with Nate Mollett

In May, Nate Mollett — a disabled ex-marine — was admitted to the ED and claimed to have injured himself while performing a stunt for the internet at a skate park. Jacob soon found out that the skate park no longer existed and suggested that he needed more help at home,but Nate refused and discharged himself. Jacob found Nate trying to get back to his flat and promised to get his support system back. (CAS: Episode 1172)

In June, Nate returned to the ED to have his pressure sores redressed. Unsatisfied with the level of support Nate had been receiving, Jacob decided to call Nate's sister Tina, who was working in the hospital's oncology department as an agency nurse. Despite Nate's initial protests, Jacob and Tina eventually convinced Nate to accept their help. (CAS: Episode 1176) The following week, Nate was admitted and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. Nate asked Jacob to call Tina, but he became sidetracked when he was asked to treat other patients. Nate's condition rapidly deteriorated, and, despite Jacob's best efforts, he was pronounced dead an hour later. Heartbroken, Jacob claimed that he let Nate and Tina down like he believed he did with Mason, but Tina assured him that no one had done as much for Nate as him. (CAS: Episode 1177)

Permanent promotion and rekindling relationship with Connie

Jacob and Connie passionately embrace. (CAS: Episode 1180)

Later that month, Jacob was given the permanent clincal nurse manager position. (CAS: Episode 1178) However, when CEO Max McGerry scheduled a series of meetings with the hospital's department heads to discuss their respective successes and failings, Jacob took issue with Connie's decision to highlight the department's statistics and avoid discussing areas that required improvement to "not present too big a target", and asserted that she just wanted him to remain silent. When singled out by Max, Jacob discussed an ad hoc proposal to implement training protection for the ED's nurses. Despite Max's positive response to the idea, Connie reproached Jacob for the risk he took and accused him of being "drunk on power". In Connie's office, the two argued and concluded that they could not work together, but they immediately shared a passionate kiss. (CAS: Episode 1180)

In July, a national lockdown was instituted following a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases. The following month, while delivering the baby of a woman who had tested positive for the disease, Jacob's mask slipped, causing him to be infected. While Jacob fought the illness at home, Connie was constantly fearful of his condition deteriorating, but Jacob ultimately recovered. However, after realising that a disproportionate number of COVID cases were found within ethnic minority communities, Jacob urged Connie to publicise the issue but was disappointed by her lack of enthusiasm; Connie eventually agreed to formulate a plan with him. (CAS: Episode 1182)

In October, after the death of Noel Garcia, Jacob read out a card from Noel's daughter Honey to the team without Connie's permission. Connie, who blamed herself for Noel's death, was hurt by Jacob's decision and tried to push him away. Jacob tried to assure her that she was allowed to be happy and reminded her of how close they were over the course of lockdown, but Connie told him that lockdown was finished and broke up with him. (CAS: Episode 1183)

Roy Scaddon incident

In November, a man named Roy Scaddon, whose wife Laura was treated by Jacob in the ED, entered resus with a bomb strapped to his torso wanting to kill him. Roy blamed Jacob for Laura's death after Jacob misdiagnosed necrotising fasciitis in her leg as a sprain. Jacob told Roy that he was sorry about his wife's death and claimed that necrotising fasciitis was a difficult condition to diagnose, but Roy was furious that Jacob could not remember Laura's name and continued to hold him hostage. Outside the ED, as Roy prepared to release his dead man's switch, Jacob remembered Laura and her case, and apologised for not being able to save her. As the commanding officer of the armed police unit authorised the critical shot, Roy allowed Jacob to run away before releasing the switch and blowing himself up. After Jacob escaped unscathed, Connie was relieved and wanted to discuss their relationship, but they were interrupted, and Jacob derided her for choosing not to visit The Hope & Anchor to celebrate his survival with their colleagues. As Jacob was leaving for the pub, Tina, who had visited him in the department earlier that day, joined him. (CAS: Episode 1186)

Relationship with Tina

By December, Jacob had entered a relationship with Tina. (CAS: Episode 1188) He offered to give her a tour around the emergency department as she was considering doing some agency shifts there. However, Jacob was bothered by Connie's hostility towards Tina and confronted her. Connie asserted that he was only with Tina to "prove a point", but Jacob claimed that no one had been as good for him as Tina. Connie agreed to put their "attachment" behind her but told Jacob not to feel any obligation to Grace who had recently returned to Holby from the United States. (CAS: Episode 1191)

Personal life

In 2000, Jacob had a one night stand with Elle which resulted in the birth of their son Blake nine months later. (CAS: Episode 1064)

Since his arrival, he had felt romantical about Connie, and even asked her out in September 2015, only to be declined. (CAS: "Cradle to the Grave") In December 2015, Connie and Jacob were bought closer together following a shift at the ED, and they ended up sleeping together. (CAS: "Maybe This Year") She inadvertently revealed this to the rest of the staff during an argument with Jacob the following week when a patient with Motor Neurone Disease was admitted. (CAS: "Silence Speaks") However, they made up and decided to spend Christmas together. (CAS: "Home for Christmas")

In March 2016, Grace gave Connie an ultimatum to choose between her and Jacob, to which Connie chose Grace. (CAS: "Sweet Child of Mine") She broke up with Jacob, (CAS: "Buried Alive") although in the following months it was clear that there was still something between them. When they attended the conference in July, they shared a kiss in their hotel room. They officially got back together but decided to keep the news from Grace. (CAS: "What Lies Beneath") The following month, Grace discovered they were back together and despite being initially annoyed became accepting of them being together. (CAS: "Sticks and Stones")

In January 2017, Jacob and Connie broke up again as a result of her refusal to withdraw her complaint against Elle. (CAS: "Back to School")


  • Jacob can speak Hausa and understands a little Arabic. (CAS: "Belief")
  • Jacob was accidentally shot by the police. (CAS: "Belief")
  • His star sign is Aquarius. (CAS: "The Good Life")
  • He's extremely scared of spiders and counted on Lily to get rid of them when two got loose in the ED in April 2016. (CAS: "Tangled Webs We Weave")
  • Jacob is originally from South London, similarly to Connie. (CAS: "Belief")
  • Jacob's home address is 24 Colman Street. (CAS: Episode 1133)
  • In January 2016, Jacob's phone number was 07700 935 483. (CAS: "The Good Life") As of June 2019, it is now 01632 960 897. (CAS: Episode 1133)

Behind the scenes

Charles Venn portrays Jacob Masters in Casualty, making his first appearance as the character on 18 July 2015. Some of his scenes were filmed months before this, as Amanda Mealing posted a photo with Charles Venn whilst filming on Twitter in April. However, generally, episodes are filmed around four months before they air. The 2015 summer trailer revealed that his role would be a senior staff nurse.


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Venn made his first appearance as Jacob in the series 29 episode "If You Could Bottle It".


  1. Events partially took place in an episode that aired in July, but took place in-universe in August.