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James "Jamie" Collier is a nurse who worked at Holby City ED from 2013 to 2014 as both a student and band 5 staff nurse.

He is at his happiest when he's hanging out with his girls Aoife, Robyn and Ally. He is the perfect 'gay best friend' – sweet, charming, caring, warm and loyal. Jamie loves being loved, and will always go out of his way to make people feel better – they feel good, he feels good, it's win-win!

Jamie grew up in a large, aggressive and macho family where arguments were pretty much constant. As the youngest, Jamie got used to not getting involved in arguments and avoiding conflict. This will prove to be a valuable asset in his nursing career – he's a calming influence, able to diffuse the most volatile of situations.

But his refusal to engage in conflict might mean he misses out on the good stuff - it's not easy to get ahead in an ED when you struggle to be assertive.

Jamie is at ease with his sexuality, and is 'out' to himself and his friends. But he doesn't flaunt it at work, or at home. – he's a shy boy at heart, and relatively inexperienced in the romance department.


  • Jamie first joined the ED as a Student Nurse in 2013.
  • Jamie left with his boyfriend in 2014.
  • Jamie returned for his uncle Jeff Collier's funeral in 2014.

Behind the scenes

Daniel Anthony played Jamie Collier in Casualty from 2013 to 2014.