Jamila Vani is a consultant anaesthetist who worked at Holby City Hospital in 2018. During her childhood, she became close friends with Rashid Masum.


In September 2018, Jamila started working at Holby City Hospital as a consultant anaesthetist and answered Alicia Munroe's advertisement of a spare room in her house. However, after witnessing her blunt attitude towards her colleagues, she decided to give the room to Gem Dean instead. Later that day, Jamila learned that Gem was Rash's girlfriend and made a sarcastic remark towards him about his mother's pride in him. (CAS: Episode 1099)

In October, Jamila invited Rash to the hospital's medic's ball as her plus-one, but he declined to try to make amends with Gem following their breakup. However, after some encouragement from his mother and Connie Beauchamp, he decided to accept the invite. (CAS: Episode 1101) Later that month, on the day of the ball, Jamila gave Rash a suit to wear. Later, they made their way to the ball, but Rash decided that he wanted to go with Gem and left Jamila. (CAS: Episode 1103)

Behind the scenes

Sujaya Dasgupta portrayed Jamila on Casualty for four episodes in 2018.


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