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Jan Jenning is a paramedic working for the Holby Ambulance Service and the operational duty manager at the Holby City Hospital ambulance station.


Early life

In August 1989, Jan gave birth to her only son Ross. When Ross was young, Jan's husband walked out on them. She struggled to cope with Ross' behaviour and eventually left to start a new family with her new wife Ffion. (CAS: Episode 1114) In 1994 or 1995, Jan became a paramedic. (CAS: Episode 1172)

Joining the Holby Ambulance Service

In May 2018, Jan joined the Holby Ambulance Service as the new operations manager. She initially clashed with Iain Dean and Sam Nicholls when she disapproved of their playful work ethic and tendencies to cross professional boundaries. Later, after a patient's sister threatened to expose that Iain and Sam amputated their leg without their consent if they didn't give her money for heroin, Jan decided to deal with the situation personally. After warning the sister of the legal ramifications of her actions and offering her help to deal with her addiction, the girl told her mother the truth about the accident. At the end of the shift, Jan offered her colleagues pastries as a sign of goodwill. (CAS: Episode 1083)

In July, new paramedic Ruby Spark gave Jan her letter of resignation after a difficult first shift. She tore it up and bluntly remind her of the reality of her job. She also assured Ruby that her colleagues wouldn't hold her mistakes against her. (CAS: Episode 1089)

Later that month, Sam was killed by shrapnel from an exploding fuel tanker. (CAS: Episode 1093) Iain admitted to Jan that he had omitted Mia Bellis' warning of self-harm from her clinical record; she told him that he could be fired. Not wanting the team to fall apart, she urged him not to mention it in his statement. However, he later took responsibility and handed her a statement that mentioned Mia's threat. After she suspended him, she and Ruby helped him wash Sam's blood out of the ambulance. (CAS: Episode 1094)

In September, Jan pulled Iain away from Dylan Keogh after he punched him in the face during a confrontation. He told her that he was done with the ED and decided not to attend his tribunal. However, after he helped to save a young boy's life, he changed his mind and fought for his job. (CAS: Episode 1096) In October, Jan reprimanded Iain for breaking an ambulance window and damaging a response vehicle, but Ruby defended him and criticised her lack of compassion. (CAS: Episode 1100)

Learning the truth about Ross

Jan confronting Ross after receiving confirmation that he was a drug dealer. (CAS: Episode 1114)

In December, Ross repeatedly called Jan and asked her for money, but she refused to give him any. However, she later capitulated and sent him £600. (CAS: Episode 1107) The following month, she was shocked to find Ross unconscious in Alasdair "Base" Newman's flat. On their way to the ED, Iain tried to tell her the truth about her son, but she told him to shut up. Once Ross was taken into resus and stabilised, Ross told Jan that Iain had been harassing Base and claimed that Iain had attacked him. After calling the police, Jan confronted Iain, and, when he realised that she believed Ross' version of events, he stormed into resus and demanded Ross to tell the truth. Jan stood up for her son, and Iain was removed from the hospital and subsequently arrested. In the staff room, Charlie Fairhead talked to Jan and suggested taking Ross' claims with a pinch of salt, but, having witnessed Iain's irresponsible actions over the months, she reaffirmed her trust in her son. She later helped Ross go to the toilet, but, as he returned, he found her searching through his bag. He emptied the bag and insisted that he was nothing like his father. Jan went to comfort him, and he collapsed in her arms. He was taken back into resus, and, despite Jan's objections, Elle Gardner decided to treat his symptoms as those of a heroin overdose. When Ross reacted to the naloxone, she was left in disbelief. However, Charlie told her that he didn't believe that Ross was an addict and showed her an X-ray which showed several bags of heroin in Ross' stomach. She told Ross to be honest for once in his life and asked him how Base died. When he tried to pass the blame onto her not being there for him, Jan left him. In the morning, she bailed Iain out of prison and took him home. (CAS: Episode 1114)

Iain's suicide attempt

In March, Ruby noticed that Iain had left his entire uniform in his locker and removed all of his photographs. Jan dismissed her concerns, but Ruby decided to go to his house regardless. Later, Jan and Elle were sent to the scene of a car crash, but, as they were leaving the ED, Ruby arrived with an unresponsive Iain. It later transpired that Iain had attempted suicide. That afternoon, Jan told Ruby that he was stable. Despite telling Ruby that she saved his life, Jan comforted her as she broke down in her arms. (CAS: Episode 1118) Following Iain's suicide attempt, Jan chose to remain jovial, but, when Ruby started to become emotionally invested in the plight of young carer Dani Mallison, she told her that it was not her job. Ruby suggested that, by her logic, it wasn't their job to help Iain, Jan asserted that, as his boss, she was responsible for what he did. (CAS: Episode 1119)

In April, Iain was discharged from hospital, and Jan assessed him to see if he was fit to return to work as a paramedic. He insisted that he was coping, but Gem rebuked him, citing his loss of appetite and lack of sleep. Afterwards, Jan told Iain that he needed to see a therapist, and he reluctantly agreed to spend a few weeks with ambulance control. (CAS: Episode 1122)

On 11 May, Iain returned to work, and Jan decided to accompany him and Ruby on the road. At a shout, she took exception when he promised a young patient that he would have him treated at the ED as quickly as possible. Later, after Iain exacerbated a family feud, Jan forced him to hand in his radio and told him that he was done for the day. However, he soon went to the scene of an accident without supervision, and Jan scolded him for his recklessness. Iain accused Ruby of "telling tales" to her, and Jan berated him for being inconsiderate of her feelings as she was the one who saved his life. She told him that his suicide attempt affected them as well and that they were not over it yet. (CAS: Episode 1126)

Iain offers to accompany Jan to Ross' trial. (CAS: Episode 1129)

On 1 June, the day of Ross' trial, Jan insisted on working. Outside the ED, she explained to Iain that she was "getting drawn into it all again", but he reminded her that Ross was her son. In the locker room, Iain offered to accompany her to the trial as emotional support, but she declined, asserting that she needed to go alone. Upon her return, she accepted his offer of a drink at The Hope & Anchor, and they enthusiastically agreed to help Will teach Ethan how to play poker. (CAS: Episode 1129)

The following week, Jan was furious at Ruby after learning of Dani's attempt at performing a tracheotomy on an eldery patient and reported Dani to the police. Ruby asked her what was going to happen to her professionally, but Jan had not decided. Later, after Ruby managed to convince Dani to receive treatment following a car crash, Jan concluded that Ruby needed support as opposed to punishment. (CAS: Episode 1130)

Drug smuggling

In December 2020, Ross was admitted to the ED with burns to his torso. His guard, Wallace Jamerson, claimed that Ross was a mentor to the younger prisoner and was popular among the guards, but Ffion warned Jan that she should not take Ross' claims at face value. When Jan confronted Ross after finding out that he had sustained several recurrent injuries and had been denied a transfer, Ross explained that some inmates found out about his history as a drug dealer and wanted him to use his contacts to bring drugs into the prison. When Ross claimed that the inmates found out about her and wanted her to smuggle pain medication, Jan believed that Ross was attempting to score from her for himself. However, despite her doubts, Jan was keen to protect Ross and castigated Wallace for failing to keep him safe after Ross' attempts to prolong his stay in hospital revealed additional pre-existing injuries. (CAS: Episode 1190)

Over the following week, Jan began sourcing unused medication from deceased patients. Eventually, Ross informed Jan that an incident would be occuring to get her into the prison. Later that day, a call was received from the prison about a prisoner with a throat laceration. While treating the patient in a cell, Jan secretly stashed the drugs under a bed. As Jan was leaving the prison with the patient, she panicked when she was stopped by a guard but was relieved to discover that she had only forgotten a stethoscope. In the evening, Jan was mortified when a prisoner from the same wing as Ross was admitted to the ED, but she was relieved to discover that Ross was not the patient. Shortly after, Ross thanked Jan over text and informed her that he would contact her again in the future with instructions for her next drop. (CAS: Episode 1191)

In April 2021, while Jan and Ffion returned to their car after a shopping trip, Ffion was attacked by men on motorbikes, and one of the men handed Jan a package filled with drugs. Ross later called Jan to inform her that she would be dropping the drugs off at the prison that day and warned Jan that "it [would] get so much worse" if she refused to comply. Jan accepted a call reporting a stabbing at the prison and tried to plant the drugs in a cell, but she was caught in the act by Iain who had become a critical care paramedic for the Wyvern Air Ambulance Service. Iain relunctantly decided against reporting Jan, but he made her promise that she would stop smuggling drugs. (CAS: Episode 1195)


Behind the scenes

Di Botcher has portrayed Jan on Casualty since May 2018.