Jarrod Morran is a vegan street food vendor who lives in Holby.


On 1 June 2019, Jarrod's girlfriend Shai tried to tell Jarrod that she had missed three periods, but he was distracted by his boyfriend Tejan delivering the wrong batch of bread. He followed him outside, and Shai found them kissing by the delivery van. Once Tejan left, Shai broke the news to Jarrod, but she became aggravated at his nonchalant attitude towards the revelation and claimed that she sometimes did not want her relationship with him and Tejan. Immediately afterwards, the stove in their stall ignited and exploded, leaving Jarrod severely burnt.

In the Resuscitation Unit of Holby City Hospital's emergency department, after her pregnancy test came back positive, Shai informed Jarrod that she was considering terminating the pregnancy. Later that afternoon, he started having difficulty breathing, and it was soon discovered that he had bilateral pneumothoraces. With the guidance of emergency physician Ciaran Coulson, registrar Archie Hudson successfully used a thoracic decompression catheter to drain the pneumothoraces and stabilise Jarrod. Shortly after, Shai and Tejan visited him, and the former announced that she was keeping the baby and asked Jarrod and Tejan to move in with her. (CAS: Episode 1129)

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