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Jeffrey "Jeff" Collier (October/November 1971 - 4 October 2014) was a paramedic for the Holby Ambulance Service. He joined the service in 2007 and died whilst on-duty in 2014 when a vehicle he was in exploded.


Early life

Jeff lived in London during the 1980s and was a member of a local gang. In 1987, Jeff participated in a riot, but he was never caught by police on account of his speed which earned him the nickname "Billy Whizz". (CAS: "Farmead Menace - Part Two") In 1998, Jeff qualified as a paramedic. (CAS: "Intervention")

First shifts with the Holby Ambulance Service

On 17 February 2007, Jeff arrived outside the ambulance station late in the back of a van, blocking the entrance and leaving operational duty manager Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon unimpressed. Despite objecting to his laissez-faire attitude towards estate affairs and him calling female members of staff "princess", Dixie decided to keep him on the team, feeling that it would have reflected poorly on her if she could not handle "one awkward man". (CAS: "The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift")

In May, it was announced that one paramedic was required to transfer to Gloucester. (CAS: "A Long Way From Home") To prevent Dixie from ruining her friendship with her colleague Cynthia "Cyd" Pyke, Jeff forced her to volunteer him for the transfer. (CAS: "The Apostate")


On 15 September , Jeff visited Dixie on the wards after her asthma was exacerbated during the Hesketh Road bombing a week prior and announced that he had agreed to return to the service. (CAS: "Meltdown")

Accusation of racism

In March 2008, when Jeff treated a woman named Petra, she took offence at Jeff's candour and decided to file a formal complaint. Dixie told Jeff to apologise to Petra, but Jeff only worsened the situation when Petra accused him of racism when he innocently called her "Treacle". As a result of Petra's complaint, Jeff was forced to attend an equal opportunities course. (CAS: "Silent All These Years")

Supply theft

In June, Dixie alerted Jeff to a stash of rehydration salts that had gone missing from the emergency department in Snezana Lalovic's locker. Jeff was inclined to believe Snezana when she claimed to be collecting supplies to restock the ambulances, but he later found ampoules containing naloxone in her bag. (CAS: "Is She Really Going Out with Him?") Suspecting that Snezana was a heroin user, Jeff took Curtis Cooper's suggestion and convinced her to undergo a drug test, but the test came back negative. (CAS: "They May Not Mean To but They Do")

Later that month, Jeff found a Holby City Hospital-branded inhaler in the pocket of a Serbian girl named Natasa. When Jeff confronted Snezana and threatened to report her, she claimed to be helping Natasa and others like her and promised not to steal equipment again. (CAS: "Paradise Lost") However, after Jeff spotted Snezana leaving the ED with a suspicious bag, Jeff followed her in his car and discovered that she had been delivering medical aid to a community of illegal Serbian immigrants. Outraged, Jeff decided to report her, but Snezana criticised his "black and white" world view and asserted that he knew nothing of the community's struggles. After a woman was admitted whose epistaxis was exacerbated by an incorrect warfarin dose that Snezana had given her, Jeff offered to keep Snezana's actions a secret as long as she destroyed all of the stolen drugs and equipment; she reluctantly agreed. (CAS: "The Things We Do For...")

Apartment block fire and Farmead riot

On 13 September, Jeff, Dixie, Adam Trueman and two documentary makers visited the flat of an old woman who had fallen after a firework was set off in the block, and were trapped when gas canisters in the flat below ignited and exploded. The party attempted to escape the fire by moving further up the building, but they were forced back into the flat by another explosion. There, Jeff and Adam carefully negotiated the fiery hole in the floor while carrying the elderly woman on a stretcher; they managed to make it over to the window and were subsequently rescued by the fire service.

While transporting the eldery woman through the Farmead housing estate, the ambulance Dixie was driving collided with a teenaged girl named Sammy Malone, (CAS: "Farmead Menace - Part One") and Jeff and Dixie were frantically ushered into a police car when angry residents began throwing bricks at them. The violence quickly escalated to a full-blown riot. At the ED, Jeff agreed to accompany Charlie Fairhead and a group of medics to the estate to find Tess Bateman who had been left for dead there after being impaled. When the group was confronted by Callum Malone and his gang, Jeff baited them into chasing him so the others could continue searching for Tess. Jeff managed to outrun them and rejoined the group who had just found Tess. (CAS: "Farmead Menace - Part Two")

Farmead incident aftermath

Following the incident, Jeff and Dixie were forced to attend counselling sessions with psychologist Ben Harding before they were allowed to return to work. Jeff was unwilling to talk and accused Ben to trying to "spook" Dixie into believing that she had a problem. (CAS: "Interventions") Both Jeff and Dixie were signed back on the following week, (CAS: "Guilt Complex") but Dixie continued to battle with her guilt. (CAS: "Face Up") She believed that her and Jeff's high-five caused the accident and suggested that Jeff was in denial, but Jeff staunchly believed otherwise and asserted that he would not allow Dixie to shoulder all of the blame. (CAS: "Hurt")

In October, Jeff adopted a Labrador puppy, who he named Little Abs, to keep Dixie company and improve her "home security". Dixie was initially annoyed with Jeff for saddling her with an unwanted dog, but she gradually grew more affectionate towards him and was distraught when she thought Little Abs had been killed after a Molotov cocktail was thrown through her kitchen window. (CAS: "The Evil That Men Do") Fortunately, Little Abs had escaped and was found the next day scavenging in a neighbour's bin. (CAS: "The Line of Fire")

In November, the documentary was broadcast on television, and it proved that the high-five was not responsible for the accident. (CAS: "Reality Bites")


In October, Jeff split up with his wife Lucy. (CAS: "Hurt") The following month, when Jeff offered to look after Little Abs while Dixie searched for a new flat, Dixie visited his home and discovered that Lucy had forced him to move out. (CAS: "Impact") Dixie confronted Jeff about how embarrassed he made her feel, but Jeff told her that not everything revolved around her. (CAS: "Own Personal Jesus")

In May 2009, Jeff was served divorce papers and discovered that Lucy was getting engaged to a man named Alan. Jeff confronted Lucy about the situation over text, but she took exception to his hostile tone and suggested that they only communicate through their lawyers. Jeff forced his way into Lucy's home, and Alan informed him that he and the family were moving to London and argued that Jeff would not be able to take care of his children alone on account of his work hours. Later, Jeff learned that his daughter Sophia had gone missing and left to find her; he was extremely relieved to find her unharmed in a park. Jeff was willing to acquiesce and allow his family to move to London, (CAS: "Palimpsest") but he soon changed his mind and decided to fight against the move through the courts, but his lawyer warned him that Lucy, as his children's primary carer, would almost certainly be granted permission to move. Nevertheless, Jeff was keen to seek custody of Sophia and John, and even considered changing careers. Ultimately, Jeff decided against resisting the move. (CAS: "Parent Trap")

Shopping centre fire

In September, Jeff and Polly Emmerson, Adam Trueman and Heather Whitefield were called to the abandoned Pines Shopping Centre to treat a freerunner named Ella whose arm had been injured by a turbine. To make money off of an insurance claim, Richard Tweedie, the shopping centre's owner, decided to destroy the building by heating a petrol can until it exploded. (CAS: "Dawn of the ED - Part One") After helping many of the shopping centre's homeless residents escape, Jeff ignored Dixie's instructions and ran back inside the building with security guard Lee to find Adam, Heather and Ella. Once they were reunited, Jeff was separated from the group by falling debris and was instructed to leave the building by Adam to call for help, but Jeff got lost and feared that he was about to burn to death. Fortunately, he was found by firefighters and rescued. (CAS: "Dawn of the ED - Part Two")

Alistair McCormack situation

In October, Jeff joined the rapid response team. On his final shift with the team, Jeff and Polly were called to treat a homeless man named Roger and were surprised to find that Alistair McCormack — one of the homeless people who resided at the Pines Shopping Centre and had since become grown close to Polly — had made the call. Jeff was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Roger's injury and believed Alistair was responsible, but it soon transpired that Roger's heroin use had produce false symptoms. Jeff acknowledged his mistake but warned Alistair to stay away from Polly. Believing that he was Polly's boyfriend, Alistair suspected that she was cheating on him with Jeff and confronted her in her home. (CAS: "Regrets")

Alistair was arrested, but he was soon released. The following week, on Jeff's first day as a rapid responder, he was attacked by an unknown assailant. Jeff suspected that Alistair was responsible; Polly later found Alistair who confirmed that he attacked Jeff believing that he filed the harassment order against him. (CAS: "Every Breath You Take") Later in November, Alistair committed suicide. (CAS: "Leave Me Standing")

Marriage to Dixie

In February 2010, Dixie's father Arthur visited his daughter and informed her that he had terminal lung cancer. (CAS: "An Ugly Truth") When Jeff confronted Dixie about her allowing Arthur to believe that they were a couple, she explained that she never told Arthur that she was a lesbian as it never would have fitted into his worldview. Arthur wanted to see Dixie get married before he died and urged her to "grab [Jeff] up" while she still had the chance. To appease Arthur, Dixie asked Jeff to marry her. (CAS: "Love Is a Battlefield")

In March, Jeff and Dixie got married, but Arthur witnessed Dixie kissing the female wedding registrar. (CAS: "Just Like a Woman") After Arthur suffered a heart attack, Jeff explained to Arthur that Dixie married him because she loved Arthur, and warned Arthur that he would be proving Dixie right by not "[cutting] her some slack". Once Arthur arrived at the ED, Dixie was informed that the cancer had spread to his myocardium and that her father had little time left; the two managed to reconcile shortly before Arthur died. (CAS: "Love of a Good Man")

College shooting and post-traumatic stress

Jeff hides in the college. (CAS: "Reasons Unknown")

In September, Jeff went to Holby H.E. College to visit a woman named Maria who he had met earlier in the day. However, Devlan O'Connor entered the building with a gun and began shooting the people inside. After witnessing Devlan firing into the canteen, (CAS: "Entry Wounds") Jeff ran into a female student named Miriam who had been shot and hid from the gunman with her, but she died in Jeff's arms. After narrowly avoiding being found by Devlan, Jeff heard the cries of a girl named Simone and helped her escape the college. (CAS: "Reasons Unknown")

Jeff was lauded as a hero for his actions during the shooting, and the parents of the victims wanted to present him with a medal at the college's memorial service, but Jeff blamed himself for not being able to save more people. Outside the ED, Jeff violently assaulted a man who was taunting him with an MP3 player he stole from Simone. (CAS: "Eliminate the Negative") When Jeff walked out on the day of the service, Dixie realised what he was going through and urged him to speak to someone. Dixie found Jeff sobbing in an ambulance, and Jeff began to open up about his experience. Jeff believed that he was being given a medal for "being a coward", but Dixie told him that he was "only human" and contended that he would have been murdered if he tried to confront Devlan. (CAS: "Reasons Unknown")


When Jeff joined the Holby Ambulance Service, he provoked the ire of his superior Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon when she caught him offering a patient's neighbour a business card and displaying a laissez-faire attitude towards estate affairs and crime, and she objected to him referring to the female members of staff by names like "princess" and "doll". (CAS: "The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift"; "Combat Indicators - Part One") However, despite his awkward demeanour, he cared about the plights of his patients. Although he told Dixie that he was offering the patient's neighbour a business card for their guttering, Jeff actually provided them with the phone number of a group of vigilante "crimestoppers". (CAS: "The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift") On another occasion, although he and Dixie had betted on the outcome of their marital struggles, Jeff sympathised with a woman named Lisa whose husband Mickey had an affair and accurately summarised how she was feeling. (CAS: "Combat Indicators - Part One")

Although usually very nonchalant, Jeff also knew when a more serious tone was required. When an unexploded World War II bomb detonated in March 2007 and killed a young boy, Jeff took his death hard and wept. (CAS: "Combat Indicators - Part Two") In May, when a paramedic was required to be relocated to Gloucester, wanting to help Dixie preserve her friendship with Cyd, Jeff smashed an ambulance window and ordered Dixie to volunteer him for the redeployment. (CAS: "The Apostate")



Lucy Collier

At some point, Lucy began having an affair with Jeff's best friend Lee which in turn led to him sleeping with other women to cope. (CAS: "Lush")


Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon

Upon Jeff's arrival in February 2007, Dixie was not impressed when he tried to offer a patient's neighbour a business card, repeatedly called her "princess" and suggested that they should not get involved in the affairs on a housing estate that was rife with crime. When Dixie revealed that she was a lesbian, and Jeff jokingly asked for "photographic evidence", she felt she would not be able to work with him. Jeff tried to apologise to her, but she laughed in disbelief when he claimed that he had no problem with who she "did". Regardless, Dixie decided to keep him on the team, feeling that it would have reflected poorly on her if she could not handle "one awkward man". (CAS: "The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift")

Over the following months, Jeff and Dixie started to become friends. (CAS: "Lost in the Rough") In April, Jeff teased Dixie for her jealousy of Cyd and Greg's relationship and suggested that she should be honest about her feelings for her. Dixie branded him as a hypocrite due to him cheating on his wife, but Jeff later confided in her when he showed her that his wife had been having an affair for years. Later that night, Jeff introduced Dixie to a woman named Steph, (CAS: "Lush") but Dixie could not shirk her feelings for Cyd and stopped seeing her. When one member of the ambulance crew was forced to transfer to Gloucester, Jeff forced Dixie to volunteer him to stop her from ruining her friendship with Cyd. Although Dixie was happy with the situation, she was sad to see Jeff leave and hugged him. (CAS: "The Apostate")


Behind the scenes

Matt Bardock portrayed Jeff in Casualty from his arrival in 2007 to his final appearance in 2014.