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Jeff Povey is an English author, screenwriter and director. He is known for his close work with Casualty where he has worked on numerous episodes. His latest episode saw the introduction of new consultant Elle Gardner, along with the departure of much-loved consultant Zoe Hanna.

Episodes written

Episode Year
"Honey Bunny" 1998
"White Lies, White Wedding" 1999
"Human Traffic" 1999
"Sins of the Mother" 1999
"Full On" 2000
"Accidents Happen" 2000
"If You Go Down to the Wards Today" 2000
"Merry Christmas Dr. Spiller" 2000
"The Long Road Home" 2001
"When Love Came to Town" 2008
"Hurt" 2008
"Crush" 2009
"Could We Be Heroes?" 2009
"Who Do You Think You Are?" 2009
"The Devil You Know" 2009
"Angel" 2010
"English Beauty" 2010
"I Am Mine" 2010
"Less Than Zero" 2011
"Deadfall" 2014
"Solomon's Song" 2014
"The Rita Supremacy" 2015
"Objectum Sexual" 2015
"Maybe This Year" 2015
"Hello, I Must Be Going" 2016
"The Best Day of My Life" 2016
"Where the Truth Lies" 2016
"Night of the Loving Dead" 2016
"Little Sister 2017
"The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep" 2017
"Somewhere Between Silences - Part Two" 2017
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