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Jenny Grifith (died 17 August 2019) was a victim of the 2019 Holby Market attack.


On 17 August 2019, Jenny took her father Andy to Holby Market to help manage his hypertension, but they were left trapped by a coffee van after a terrorist drove a lorry through the marketplace. Once the emergency services arrived, consultant Ethan Hardy concluded that Andy was in greater need of treatment, but Andy insisted on freeing Jenny first as he feared the possibility of a secondary attack. Nevertheless, due to the instability of the market's walls, Ethan decided to free Andy first and extract Jenny once the walls were secured. However, a police sniffer dog detected the presence of an explosive device, and the market was evacuated. Despite Jenny's cries, Ethan was eventually forced to leave her, but the device suddenly exploded, killing Jenny instantly. (CAS: Episode 1139)

Behind the scenes

Laura Meredith portrayed Jenny on Casualty for one episode in August 2019.