Jessica "Jess" Cranham (born 1983/1984) is a former paramedic who worked with the HART team in Holby until 2016. The HART team met with the paramedics who serve Holby ED in October 2015. Upon meeting Dixie, they decided to go for a drink together, and despite several interferences, they decided to move to Cornwall together in January 2016, both leaving their jobs.


In the following weeks, Dixie discovered that Jess wasn't interested in meeting up again, and in November Dixie and Iain discovered that she had a new partner. They are later called out to help Jess who had fallen down a hole in a woodland. When she discovers that Jess has been having blackouts, Dixie says that she'll have to mention it to her boss at HART, as it could endanger lives.

In December, Jess' daughter Olivia is admitted and is brought in with an injured wrist by Jess' partner Nikki. This makes Dixie's concerns grow, as she had earlier discovered that Jess was taking anti-depressants. Dixie visits Jess and they get a coffee, but as soon as Dixie raises her concerns about Olivia, Jess asks her to leave as she sees it as a questioning of her parental skills. That evening, Dixie finds out that Jess has filed a complaint against her for harassment.

In January, an incident occurs on Olivia's birthday which results in Nikki pushing Jess into a glass cabinet. They're admitted to the ED and treated, and Olivia reveals that it was Nikki who hurt her. When they return home Nikki is waiting there and says that she wants to enjoy the day and grabs Olivia. In the ensuing chaos, Nikki throws a lit birthday cake across the room which starts a fire. Although Jess and Olivia make it out, Nikki suffers severe burns. Back at the ED, Jess breaks up with Nikki, saying she can never forgive what she did to Olivia.

Later in January, she tried to convince Dixie to move with her and Olivia to Cornwall after she had quit her job with HART. Eventually, Dixie decided to go with them and leave her job after 9 years with the ambulance service. Dixie said one last goodbye to her colleagues before driving off with Jess and Olivia.

Behind the scenes

Kerry Bennett portrayed Jess Cranham on Casualty in late 2015 and early 2016.


See also: Character appearances.

Jess made her first appearance in the episode "All the Single Ladies" which aired at the start of October 2015. Bennett appeared as the character for just under four months making her final appearance in the episode "The Good Life" which aired at the end of January 2016. In total, she appeared in 6 episodes.


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