Jim Mullins (born 23 July 1957)[citation error] is a boxing trainer who lives in Holby.


In the 1990s, he was an amateur boxer. In 1992, he visited Kiev to fight in the Troieshchyna neighbourhood. When he and his friends heard that there was a major fight taking place at the Palace of Sports, they decided to go and watch. There, he met professional Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko who was 16 years old at the time. When Klitschko won against him and began to show significant improvement, Jim decided to become a personal trainer.[citation error]

In January 2019, his daughter Denise was taken to Darwin to have an aortic valve replacement. When Frieda Petrenko was tasked with treating her, Jim made a series of racist remarks towards her. After the two got into a heated argument, he found her training in the basement. After telling her about his history in Ukraine, he began coaching her and comforted her when she broke down over losing Roman and having to give back her dog Riley. Outside the hospital, Jim found Denise unconscious and called Frieda for help. When she was taken to theatre, he demanded to have Frieda operate on her. After Denise got out of surgery, Jim offered to train Frieda at his gym.[citation error]

The following month, Jim was taken to Darwin himself after a dumbbell landed on his chest. He demanded to have Frieda treat him but she was on compassionate leave. His CT scan results showed several hairline fractures to his sternum which required repairing with a titanium plate. Jac and Zosia March managed to repair his sternum but found a ventricular heave, suggesting a leaking aortic valve. Consequently, as repairing the valve counted as an elective procedure and it leaking would severely diminish his quality of life, Jim's days of training were over.[citation error]

Behind the scenes

Philip Whitchurch has portrayed Jim on Holby City since January 2019.



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