Jimmy Powell worked as a porter in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital from 1989 to 1992.

Jimmy was a mouthy northerner with a short attention span and an ambiguous relationship with the truth, although his heart was always in the right place. A quick and energetic porter, he loved the aspects of the job that allowed him to chat up women and date nurses.

With a criminal record Jimmy was on the list of suspects when he discovered a comic stabbed to death in a pub toilet, even though it was down to him that the man received medical treatment. Jimmy was very good at walking himself into trouble, messing up a date with receptionist Julie when he got terribly drunk and on another occasion managing to get himself threatened with a knife by a patient's crazed son.

Jimmy narrowly escaped being sacked and arrested when a student nurse he was dating falsely accused him of giving her drugs stolen from the hospital. When a subsequent girlfriend's child was injured while in his care, Jimmy was overwhelmed by guilt and left the A&E. He ended up getting a job as a van driver, despite not being able to drive!

Behind the scenes

Robson Green played Jimmy Powell on Casualty from 1989 until 1992.

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