Jodie Rodgers is a hostess who works at Holby City Hospital. She is the current partner of general surgeon Sacha Levy.


During her childhood, Jodie was diagnosed with childhood leukaemia and later recovered. In 2020, Jodie got engaged to a man named Carl, but she began exhibiting symptoms which Jodie believed to be those of cancer. After Jodie was cleared and discharged from Holby City Hospital, Carl opened up to general surgeon Sacha Levy about his unwillingness to marry Jodie, and Sacha, who was struggling with complicated grief disorder after the death of his fiancée Essie Di Lucca, encouraged him to leave her. Carl ultimately broke up with Jodie and forced her to leave his home, resulting in her homelessness. The following month, after finding Jodie sleeping rough by the hospital, he offered to allow her to live with him through lockdown. However, by September, the two had turned romantic. (HC: Episode 1034)

In November, Jodie was given a ward hostess job at the hospital, and Sacha's colleagues were shocked to discover that he and Jodie had been a relationship for months. When a patient with gallstones named Steven Midgley discharged himself because of Sacha's temperament, Jodie managed to convince him to undergo his cholecystectomy by claiming that her mother died of untreated gallstones. Jodie feared that she was embarrassing Sacha by working at the hospital and volunteered to resign, but Sacha reassured her and thanked her for changing Steven's mind. Privately, Jodie tried to call her mother, who was alive, but she refused to answer. (HC: Episode 1035) Later that month, Linda, Jodie's mother, confronted her at work and demanded that she stop calling her family's house as she caused her father to have a breakdown.

Later that day, after a complaint was made against Sacha by his colleagues, Sacha berated Jodie for constantly bothering him and destroyed a laptop in anger. CEO Max McGerry was forced to suspend Sacha, but Jodie claimed that she was responsible for damaging the laptop. Sacha confirmed Jodie's version of events, resulting in her being given a week to "sort [her] head out". Sacha asked Jodie why she took the blame for his outburst, and she affirmed that she would do anything for him. (HC: Episode 1037)

Behind the scenes

Sian Reese-Williams has portrayed Jodie in Holby City since November 2020.

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