Joel Young (born November 1993) is a former student who had a brief relationship with consultant Zoe Hanna when he was 15 years old.

In early October 2009, Zoe began seeing Joel as he had told her that he was 23. Zoe soon discovered that Joel was only 15 and still in school when she noticed his school uniform and ID card. He stole a memory stick containing patient files in order to ensure that she'd see him again. (CAS: "Not Wisely but Too Well") Zoe later told Adam about the missing memory stick, and she was told by Henry that she had until 4 o'clock to get it back to him, or she would lose her job. Zoe met with Joel outside the ED to give him £500 in exchange for it, but he simply tried to kiss her again and ran off with the money. Nick tracked him down at the zoo, but Joel swallowed the memory stick upon learning that Nick was a friend of Zoe's. Joel was admitted to the ED, and Zoe was finally able to retrieve the memory stick. (CAS: "Regrets")


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