Joshua Bowers is a consultant obstetrician who works on Holby City Hospital's Maternity Unit.


In November 2018, Joshua introduced senior ED nurse Louise Tyler to the Maternity Unit when she was seconded to it for the day. When Louise mentioned that the ED was suffering from a shortage of staff, he suggested moving student nurse Jade Lovall to the department, but, after witnessing her lack of attentiveness, she declined. Later, Jade helped Louise perform a cricothyroidotomy, and Louise told Joshua about her exceptional work. However, Joshua asserted that she would be back to her usual lazy self in no time. When Jade overheard him saying that she wouldn't cut it as a nurse, she took umbrage and left her shift an hour early. (CAS: Episode 1104)

In December, Joshua took his daughter Paloma to the creche. There, he met student nurse Marty Kirkby. Later that day, when he returned to collect his daughter, Marty asked Joshua out for a drink, and he said yes. (CAS: Episode 1107) The next day, Marty tried to talk to Joshua outside the ED, but his attempts at small-talk left a lot to be desired. That afternoon, Marty found him at the coffee shop, and they decided to go on a date. (CAS: Episode 1108)

In January 2019, Joshua and Marty arranged to go out on another date. That afternoon, at daycare, he met Robyn Miller and told her that he knew Charlotte's father. She asked him if he meant Glen Thomas, but Joshua told her that he meant Marty. After realising that Marty wasn't related to Charlotte, he broke up with Marty and asked him to never contact him again. (CAS: Episode 1112)

Behind the scenes

Gareth David-Lloyd portrayed Joshua on Casualty from November 2018 to January 2019.


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