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"Just Like a Woman" is the 715th episode of Casualty and the 29th episode of the 24th series. This episode features the wedding of Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon and Jeff Collier.


Wedding bells are in the air for two Casualty favourites this week, as Dixie prepares to tie the knot with Jeff.It’s the day of the wedding and Dixie is sure she’s doing the right thing – especially when she sees how proud she’s made her sick father. But she has a serious shock in store when she catches sight of the registrar who’s presiding over the marriage.

May, meanwhile, is growing in confidence at work and feels the bursary is well within her grasp when she makes a terrible error with a patient. Planning to own up, she soon discovers that Yuki believes the mistake was his, and wonders whether she should let the besotted Yuki take the blame.

Following the death of a patient during the clinical trial, Ruth is adamant that the trial is not at fault and Fairfax maintains that the error must be Jay’s for administering an incorrect dose. Jay is furious that Ruth doesn’t stand up for him and the situation looks bleak as he’s ordered to find the missing patient notes.

Elsewhere, Adam alienates the team when he avoids an outraged Alice; smitten Dr Matt has a romantic surprise for Zoe; and neglectful single mother Trish is shocked to learn she’s become a grandmother.