Kat Hollis is a woman who lives in Holby.


On 11 May 2019, Kat went in labour. 48 hours later, due to foetal distress, she underwent an emergency caesarean section, and her daughter Macy was born. Following the operation, she had an infection, and her husband Luke ensured that she finished the course of antibiotics.

On 9 June, Kat ruptured her surgical scar whilst trying to lift up Macy in her basket. Once the paramedics arrived, Luke elected to follow her to the hospital, but she urged him to stay at home with Macy. Regardless, after she was taken into Holby City Hospital's emergency department, Luke visited her in her cubicle and began to panic as she developed a fever.

As a precaution, Kat was moved to resus where her condition continued to worsen until she required intubation. Registrar Archie Hudson failed to perform the procedure, prompting consultant Connie Beauchamp to take over and use a bougie. However, when she forced the stylet down her airway, she caught a vessel and was forced to resort to a cricothyroidotomy. She was subsequently taken to obs and gynae for surgery. (CAS: Episode 1131)

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