Kate Wilkinson is a police officer, later promoted to detective constable in the Holby Police Department. Since 2015, she has had various encounters in the ED and with the staff there.


She was present at the ED in August 2015 following an incident in a club where a man was shot. In January 2016, she was called to the scene when Noel Garcia was attacked in a park in Holby. During this time, she met them at Holby City Hospital's emergency department where she took a witness statement from Big Mac about what he saw. She then left in her car promising that they would catch the person responsible for the attack.

The following month, she was on a stakeout for Mercedes Christie who was selling drugs in public. Mercedes was admitted to the ED after a fall, and Mercedes suspected that she and Big Mac knew each other by the way they interacted with each other. Upon further investigation, Kate found out that Mercedes' DNA was found at the scene of Noel's mugging. Big Mac was brought into the police station for questioning and was told off for wasting police time for not telling them sooner.

In November 2017, Kate arrived at the scene of a hostage situation. After the suspect was taken out, she followed him to the ED to question him. Later, Ethan Hardy tried to confess to her that he let Scott Ellisson die before Connie Beauchamp interrupted to tell her that she discovered who was coercing the gunman. After a confrontation with vigilante paedophile hunter Ocean, she asked Ethan what he wanted to tell her; he told it that it could wait.

In January 2019, Kate arrested Iain Dean on suspicion of assault after he attacked drug dealer Ross West. In the interview room, she became frustrated with Iain when he failed to provide evidence to support his claim that Ross was a drug dealer, but she sympathised with him after he talked about the countless times he had to scrape Ross' victims off the streets. The following morning, Jan Jenning bailed Iain out, and Kate encouraged him to seek help with his emotional turmoil.

Behind the scenes

Amy Noble has portrayed PC (later promoted to DC) Kate Wilkinson (sometimes credited as just PC/DC Wilkinson) in six episodes of Casualty since August 2015. She was seen through series 30 and was last seen in "Just Do It". She later returned in series 31 for episode 34, before making two more appearances in episode 12 of series 32 and episode 22 of series 33.


Kate Wilkinson made her first appearance in "A Child's Heart - Part One" in August 2015, and her most recent appearance in the February 2019 episode Episode 22.

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