Katy Hibbard is a female resident of Holby.


In 2016, Katy's brother Evan suffered a catastrophic head injury during a boxing match, and he died at Holby City Hospital. The loss of his son devastated her father Andy; it caused him to quit his job and remain indoors for a year. However, despite her father's grief, she took an interest in boxing and secretly started training.

On 11 May 2019, Katy was taken to the hospital's emergency department after being injured in a fight. However, when Andy visited her, she lied and told him that she had slipped at a party after drinking too much alcohol. Sister Lisa "Duffy" Duffin examined Katy and found that she had equal air entry on both sides, and she decided to run some more tests and fetch a doctor. Shortly after, consultant Ethan examined Katy and found that she had reduced air entry on one side, leading Andy to accuse Duffy of incompetence.

Later, Katy began to deteriorate and was taken into resus. Duffy and Ethan deduced from her symptoms that she was suffering from the effects of an overdose. Duffy realised that Katy had taken something else, and, upon questioning, Andy told her that he had been taking tramadol for back pain. Katy admitted that she had been taking her father's drugs for some time, and Duffy left them to talk alone. Katy was subsequently taken up to the wards. (CAS: Episode 1126)

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